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Up, trash dumped, packed and waiting curbside for our 6:30am ride to the airport at 6:35am! Still waiting at 6:45, Judi B calls to check and the management company returns the call to say the driver does not answer, but she will call Uber. Five minutes later Uber arrives and delivers us to the airport - with his limited English he asks which terminal? They do not have the airlines listed by terminal, so I show him my eticket and he has to look up the flight to determine the terminal. When he converts the Czech korun to Euros he says 10 Euro, so we give him 20 - still less than the 33 Euro we had been quoted for the car service! Checked in and ready for security - we go thru separate lines - after connecting up we discover we both had to go through the scanner twice due to our watches. Judi B then got ‘patted down’ and my purse went through twice due to my ATM card!

Finally on the airplane to Paris for our connecting flight to LAX after navigating through Paris airport and the EU passport Control.

It is the end of another great trip and we give thanks that we are able to travel the way we do. Life is good. jc

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