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The castle ruins as we came in at night

Castle ruins in the morning




The skinnest building in Bernkastle

Markings of the year and how high the flooding of the Mosel...


Metal tiles naming the Jews who lived in this house and when...

Market square

Evening in Bernkastle

Market Place

Bern means bear, that's the mascot of city

Das Bad Haus (meaning "bad" not bah

The vineyards just line the river

Bernkastel is a well-known wine growing center in the middle Moselle River Valley. It dates back to about 370 AD. And again, as in all of Europe, has layers and layers of history. It was not damaged in WWII. The castle ruins shown in the pictures was from a fire in 1692. The castle was never restored.

We saw the medieval marketplace with its gabled timber-framed houses from the 17th century.

We visited the Doctor Vineyards. The legend is that a prominent citizen of Bernkastle became very ill and no one knew how to heal him. A vintner came and said that if he drank a gallon of his wine a day for 7 days he would be healed. The man did and he was healed. So forever after the vineyard has been called the Doctor Vineyard.

The morning walking tour was rainy and very cold. So after the wine tasting tour, the weather was much better so we hiked up to the castle ruins. My app indicated we had climbed 30 flights of stairs going up and coming back; 10,000 steps and 3.3 miles. Not bad for a days walk.

Tonight for dinner was the President's Gala Dinner. We had surf and turf, which was excellent; and of course as for every night, all the wine we wanted. We are on the President's Cruise. Grand Circle Cruise Line does this periodically and invites seasoned travelers'. Executives from the company come on the cruise and talk to all of us. They are looking for problems with the company and operations of the tours and how things can be improved.

The trees are starting to change colors and it looks like Fall is about here.

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