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Fanicos at work

The national park lady all happy now

Choose your voodoo service

Funny sign #1

Arrived safely in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire after around 36 hours travelling. Our good friend Harber was waiting at the airport to pick us up and the first stop was the Guinea Embassy to organise our Guinea visas, which should be ready by tomorrow. Back to our very comfortable local hotel for a beer and meal and we are all off to bed early to recover from the long flights

Now Friday and back to the Guinea Embassy to check the visa situation - not ready yet so will have to go back later. So we have a morning to play with so it was into the car for a short drive to Abobo to watch the Fanicos at work in the river. The Fanicos are male "washermen", from Niger and other surrounding countries, who collect laundry from local homes in the morning and wash them in the river, pounding them on huge stones held in place by car tyres. We didn't see the drying bit as it started raining heavily but they do spread the washing on the grass to dry it. So many of them and so much washing, it was a miracle they didn't get it all mixed up. There was an interesting exchange between a lady there and Harber, she got quite upset and abused us for taking photos - turned out she was from the national park behind the river and some visitors that morning had dug up plants and removed soil so she was just in a very bad mood. Harber calmed her down and soon she was smiling again and telling us to take photos! (money did change hands too which helped!)

Across the road from the Fanicos the voodoo lady had set up shop and tried to interest us in a consultation - we fortunately had to get back to the Embassy before it closed for the day so politely declined!

And when we got back to the Embassy our visas were ready so we are all set for our entry into Guinea in a week or so.

Dinner tonight was a Cote d'Ivoire special, foutou. Made from cassava and plantain and pounded to make a glutinous dumpling which we ate with local smoked fish in a spicy sauce. Delicious but very filling. Harber had bought pineapples and papaya for dessert so we are very full now.

Leaving tomorrow for sightseeing at the cathedral and museum, then driving to Grand Bassam, the colonial capital city - should be interesting

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