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Tuesday 13th August

We had a good sleep, despite being across the road from the town clock – that chimed every quarter hour. We needed to keep the window open because it was still fairly warm, and we were hopeful the town clock would stop chiming at 11pm… it didn’t. But luckily it did not disturb us much at all.

After a cooked breakfast we head off back to Reading to drop off the rental car, and then catch the bus to London, £24/$46

We are staying at the Oyo Belgravia £66.56 ($128), a tiny room on the fourth floor, no lifts. The roof is sloping, and Tony hits his head, a lot. It is near impossible to use the hand basin in the bathroom because of the sloping ceiling. We do have a microwave and a jug in the room, so we can cook up a quick feed. We chose this place because it is just a few metres from Victoria Coach station, very handy for our arrival tonight, and for when we leave for Bruges in the morning. We try to plan in more of our trip, but have trouble organising where we are going after Hamburg. We settle for a few days in Bruges, and will worry about the rest later.

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