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Well I’m here. I decided to take the metro to the train station. It went well. I arrived way too early but I didn’t want to take a chance on missing my train. The train was delayed. What frustrates me is that they don’t announce the platform until about 10-15 minutes in advance. Then you have to rush to get there, figure what carriage you’re in, etc. But it all worked out and I’m sure learning as I go. No pictures today. I was focused on the trip.

I was chatting to a lady from Berlin at the Prague station. She was with a group of blind football (I’m presuming soccer) players. She said they weren’t the best players but they all get to play. I’m still trying to figure out how they can play soccer?? I guess they’re not completely blind but somewhat. I didn’t believe her at first but I saw her group and some of them did have canes. That would be interesting to watch lol. She said it’s becoming a thing but she wasn’t sure if it was in Canada yet. As we were talking she said Canada to Europe, 3 weeks,

Alone. You’re my hero and she gave me a thumbs up lol.

I had directions from the station in Bratislava to my hotel but I always like to ask someone before I hop onto a bus or tram. There was a young girl who showed me where my tram would arrive. I bought my ticket and got on. I got off at the stop then I had to walk. I asked another young girl and she quickly got out her phone and gave me directions. They were both so nice and happy to help. Much appreciated!! After checking in I headed out for a bite to eat. The downtown area here is very nice. Picturesque and a lot quieter than Prague. I stopped at an outdoor cafe that looked nice. I ordered a beer,which I desperately needed after my train trip, and a Caesar salad. The waiter brought the beer then told me they didn’t have that today so I ordered a soup of the day. He came back and said it wouldn’t be ready until tomorrow lol. So I said what do you have that is small. I wasn’t up for something big. He said fried potatoes so I said ok. So I got an order of French fries 𯘂

Well, that’s my day. I’m glad to be in my comfortable room for the night.

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