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Hanging out with neighbors

New front room windows 1

New front room windows 2

New front room windows 3

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. All of my art and office stuff was stacked on the bedroom floor to make way for the new front room windows. The install took much longer than we’d anticipated, but then everything we’ve done has taken longer than we thought it would. The front room is amazingly open now. Before, with the old windows and all their panes, the view was nice, but there was little insulation, so the room got incredibly hot when the sun beat down on them in the mornings. The lack of panes really opens up the view. These windows are unique in that the top two-thirds are unscreened glass (the lower third has screened sliders). Since our house sits much higher than the houses in front of us, we now feel like we are up in the trees. And these windows are Low E, so we no longer feel the heat! Friday afternoon, after the window cleaning folks left, I was finally able to move everything back into this front room. It’s now my treetop perch!

The installation of these new windows was the last thing on our long remodeling list. We are no longer trapped at home, waiting for various crews to show up. Freedom!!

I am so proud of the inside of our house now. We still have some DIY projects, but no deadline on them. We have a new dining room light to replace the awful white and blue plastic chandelier that’s hanging now. I’ll post a pic when we get it up. We will spend the winter painting molding and baseboards. We also need a new roof at some point soon. I would love to explore getting a metal roof, but we need to check the HOA rules and weight restrictions.

Bill swore when we moved that he would never mow or do yardwork again. Guess what? When our lawnmowing guy disappeared, instead of finding another one he went to Lowe’s and bought a battery-operated mower. The other guy always did a sloppy job anyway. And you know how Bill is about his yard. The grass down here doesn’t grow very fast, so he may only need to mow every couple of weeks. But then, you know Bill. He’s spent the last couple of days digging up stray yucca plants on our corner. Marle is making us a really cool house sign that will go in that corner. It will be attached to the white PVC fence post, alongside my NWS rain gauge. Bill spread some fertilizer on the lawn yesterday (yup, he bought a motorized hand spreader, too). I’m trying to carve out some time to get back to artwork. I found a gouache landscape that I want to try next. Gouache is similar to acrylic.

The picture with the neighbors was taken on Joanne and Harold’s porch. The other lady (sitting next to Bill) is Cay (pronounced “Kay”). She just moved in, having bought the home next door to Harold and Joanne. The six of us (including Mo) hang out on that porch every evening for a little while to catch up on the day and watch the sun set. They recently bought a small fire pit, so we will be roasting marshmallows when the weather cools down. We already have the extendable skewers for it!

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