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Mill Spring, NC - Tryon Int'l Equestrian Center - site 90

Mill Spring, NC - Tryon Int'l Equestrian Center - site 90, another...

Tryon Fall 2-1

Tryon Fall 2-2

Tryon Fall 2-3

Tryon Fall 2-4

Tryon Fall 2-5

Tryon Fall 2-6

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Tryon Fall 2-11

Tryon Fall 2-12 - only 15 min to water and rake arena,...

Tryon Fall 2-13 - the winner of this weekend's competition - Santiago...

Our trip to the equestrian center was 75 miles, taking about an hour and a half of relaxed I-40/I-26/US-75 driving. Our site is in a different portion of the park than it was last time but all of their sites are configured identically. This portion does seem to be a little quieter than the other though. We have a back-in concrete pad with 50 amps full hookup and the site itself is complete gravel with two small trees one at the front-left and the other at the rear-right. We have very strong Verizon and AT&T signals and the satellite was easily able to see around the tree up front.

Thursday and Friday was spent watching the jumping competition in the main Tryon stadium. It seems they don't have many spectators other than the other riders and families during the week so we had our choice of seats and were able to get good seats in the shade with no problems.

These riders are really good! They are jumping various heights from 1.1 to 1.4 meters which is over 4½ feet at the upper heights and some of the jumps are doubled with just a short distance between two jumps and others have jumps that are three or four feet deep as well as being over 4½ feet high. It was really nice to just sit in the shade and watch them for about four hours each day.

Saturday was football day!!! A lot of good games and we spent all day and a good bit of the night watching the action. The equestrian center has what they call Saturday Night Lights each Saturday night. These would be a lot of fun if we were 30 or 40 years younger but, to us, it's just a huge crowd and you have to ride one of their buses since not enough parking so we just decided to stay in and watch football.

Tomorrow we head back to Waynesville and Trails End for about four weeks before we start the journey back to Florida.

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