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On the train to Levanto

Playing in the garden

On the beach

Swim time

Beautiful sunset

Pizza for dinner

Exciting day today as it's time to journey to Levanto at the north end of the Cinque Terre. As we didn't pack last night, everyone was up early to shower, breakfast and pack. Our train was leaving Termini at 9:50 so I wanted us to be ready to catch the bus in by 8:30. Everyone did a great job and we were on our way on schedule. Unfortunately, I stopped on the way out the door to take a photo and put the bag that held our water bottles down on the floor to take a photo and walked out without it. Door locked behind us and I couldn't get back in. Oh well, I sent a message to the agent and hoped I hadn't left anything too important in the bag with the bottles. I have money and passports so that's the main thing.

Jenni and I visited the ATM at termin to replenish to coffers and then we found a cafe for a coffee and second breakfast (for some). Joe had a pancake with strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream and Georgia a chcopop. Jenni and I stuck with the coffee. I went for a quick scout down stairs to check whether our platform had been posted on the first part of our journey which is to Florence and when I got back to the others, Joe pointed out a departures board close to where we were sitting. Our train was running a bit late so we settled back to wait. After 5 minutes or so, wE decided to go downstairs to finish our waiting so we were closer to the platforms. It wasn't long before our platform was posted and we began the trek to car 7, quite a distance along and still no train. It pulled in shortly after we arrived at the correct section for car 7. We stowed our luggage, found our seats and settled in for the journey. We were sitting in a group of 4 with a table between us so it was good for some games of fish after we'd watched the scenery going past and the kids played a few games on their phones. We were on a fast train and we had a comdoertable journey to Florence.

We changed trains in Florence to a regional train to La Spezia. No allocated seats this time and a bun fight to get seats anyway as the train was quite full. The kids managed to get seats together and Jennie sat separately reasonably close by. We had baggage jammed under our feet, on seats and in the aisle. Not the most comfortable journey however the time passed reasonably quickly.

When we arrived in La Spezia, we bought a few bottles of water as we hadn't had an opportunity to buy any before that and we had a bit of time between trains. In hindsight, I should have bought some on the Rome to Florence train however, I didn't realise we wouldn't get another opportunity. We also hadn't eaten, some of us since first breakfast and it was now 2:30. The Levanto train soon arrived and off we went. We caught a few glimpses of the sea along the way so that perked the kids up as by now, we'd been travelling for 5 hours.

We caught a taxi from the train station and Nicolo, our host, was waiting for us at the accommodation. We have a lovely 3 bedroom apartment close to the sea and we picked our rooms, dropped our bags and then Jenni and I went to the supermarket for some bits and pieces to tide us over until dinner. We are planning to have pizza from the shop that makes the world champion pizzas. I suggested we have takeaway to make sure we don't have to stand in line waiting for a seat. When we got home, we relaxed with a beer (not Jenni and me), a fruit platter, bread sticks and chips. Very nice.

About 5:30, the kids and I volunteered to go buy the pizzas and following our trust y friend Google, soon found the store only to be told that even though they opened at 5, they don't start making pizzas to order until 6:30. We decided to walk to the beach to kill some time. Yes, you guessed it. As soon as we walked along the beach, two kids wanted to go for a swim so off we went, back home for bathers and towels, so they could have their first swim in the Mediterranean. They had a ball and it was about 7:00pm before they came out of the water. It was a beautiful evening and I took some great photos with the kids in silhouette of the sunset.

Off to the pizza shop, pizzas ordered and prepared and then home to enjoy them. On the way, we stopped to buy some cough medicine as Joe has been coughing a bit so he took some as soon as we got home. He then decided he had to have a shower to warm up before eating his dinner. After a nice shower, he only ate half his pizza before wanting to go to bed. He wasn't feeling too bright. He felt a bit warm so fingers crossed he isn't coming down wi anything other than a cold. By the way, the pizzas were delicious.

Joe reckons Levanto is his favourite place so far. I think we liked the laid back pace compared to Rome and the small number of people wandering around town.

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