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While camped at Eugene T. Mahoney State Park, we drove back to Omaha to take a ride on River City Star Riverboat on the Missouri River touring Omaha's riverfront. When we got there we heard about the big flood along the Missouri.

In the early spring of 2019, the powerful forces of nature swept across the heartland to create flooding of epic proportions along the Missouri River basin. A “cyclone bomb” brought torrential rains and snow which hit frozen ground. The flooding that followed was devastating, affecting much of our River City Star facility and wreaking havoc on the Kon-Tiki party barge. It became submerged as the river quickly rose with only the upper part of the 4-story structure peeping out above the water.

Raging river conditions continued for many days, forcing river critters to seek higher ground. Beavers are a common sight along the shoreline and one drifted towards the River City Star dock with its dam to become a fixture on its boarding ramp. With the Kon-Tiki beyond repair and soon to be rendered as salvage, the beaver’s dam needed a more permanent home and we needed a new gathering place on higher ground. The Dam Bar'n'Grill was quickly built to replace the Kon-Tiki.

The boat tour was nice but a little too short in our opinion, for the price. This was Sunday morning so the Dam Bar'n'Grill area was pretty quiet but looked like it would be quite a fun spot on a summer Friday or Saturday night.

After the boat ride, we went over to the Old Market area downtown. A busy place on Sunday with most shops, bars and restaurants open. We had lunch at a nice Italian Restaurant which had a old truck outfitted as the salad bar. After lunch we walked to an ice cream shop advertised at the best ice cream however it was not.

Moving on we walked nearby to the riverfront at the Heartland of America Park & Fountain. The fountain was impressive shooting water 320 ft in the air and then dropping lower for a few seconds, reloading and shooting uo to the full height again. We walked around the fountain area and saw a couple of Gondola concession that operates on the pond.

In the same area is access to the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge over the Missouri River. We rode under this bridge on the riverboat so we didn't walk over it.

Had to get back to Billy back at camp so we hit the road after our riverfrontwlk.

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