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We Decided to swing by Branson but on the way, Marci's transmission went out, she couldn't drive faster than 10 to 15 MPH. It will be checked out tomorrow but it looks like the transmission will need repair or replacement. We will keep you informed.

The Coach broke down in Arkansas so Marci and Ellie are staying with me and Cotton for a few days and we came on to Branson.

Good News! Marci's Motorhome is fixed and is now in Branson. The problem was not the transmission after all. It was a crushed air filter and air conduit on the engine. At any rate, it's fixed, 'yeah', now we can go back to having fun without any dark clouds hanging over us.

We enjoyed the Oak Ridge Boys concert last night, they always put on a great show. We sat center stage, second row. Great seats!

We went to a Jersey Nights show today. It was enjoyable but they prohibited photographs so sadly, I can't show you what it looked like.

Today was a full day, we went to the Murder Mystery Dinner theater today and then to see the Haygood's. The best part of the Murder Mystery was the dinner, roast chicken and Meatloaf, they were excellent. The show was hard to follow because our hearing is not good and their sound system was terrible.

The Haygood's were very enjoyable and by far the the most attractive production we have seen here. The lights, lasers, pyrotechnics and talent were unparalleled.

Saw Shoji Tabuchi's show last night. It was very enjoyable and I recommend it to anyone coming through here.

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