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Nos pusieron una calle! (La fecha de nuestra boda)

Catedral de Notre Dame

Mercado de Papeete

Mercado de Papeete

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Puestas de sol

Puestas de sol

Puestas de sol

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Puestas de sol

Puestas de sol

Puestas de sol


We arrived in Tahiti seriously jet-lagged and having passed the Date Line again, i.e. we had to 27s of September this year. Initially, we were quite happy just to rest and have a room where we could actually pace around our bed at the "pension" where we stayed. This was a luxury we hadn't had for quite a some time given the limited size of our campervan in New Zealand. Havind a toilet, a shower and a plug was also quite a bliss, believe me.

But Tahiti was not. We were very disappointed and wanted to live the place as soon as possible from the minute we set foot on it. To start with, it was ridiculously expensive and there was no apparent reason for this. The "pensions" have that South Pacific tacky touch to them that can be so charming if you are not paying a fortune for a room. There is only one beach in the whole of Tahiti and it't not beautiful. It kind of becomes beautiful towards sunset, but that's because the sky above it is of course as gorgeous as anywhere else. Public transport has no charm whatsoever. There is still a few wooden buses going around, but they are trying to put them out of circulation for good and replace them by some buses that look just as boring as the ones in Europe but older, dirtier and more expensive. There are proper roads and a traffic too dense for such a small island. Polynesian culture seems to have vanished and given place to something resembling the French, which doesn't make much sense in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Everybody speaks French (even natives among themselves) and is relunctant to switch into English (not very easy to make friend, uh?). They even listen to French music!

Summing up, unless you are VERY rich (i.e. swimming in money), don't go to French Polynesia, because there's no way to enjoy the place without spending a fortune and actually flying to Bora Bora or Moorea where you can stay in a hut just above the sea for only 500$ (what about that?). Even then, you would just feel stupid to be paying so much for a place that looks just the same as the really cheap and remote islands of Indonesia, or anywhere else in the world for that matter.

Luckily this was the beginning of a long honey moon and we were quite happy to stay in our room for the whole day enjoying one another.

We were, however, very happy when we finally set off for Rapa Nui (Easter Island). The only good thing that has ever come out of Tahiti is our friend Mareva and, to be honest, she is almost too beautiful for the place. Mareva, are you sure you were not born in Bora Bora or Moorea?

You keep on sending us messages congratulating us on our wedding and because they simply make us so happy, we would like to send a big thank you to: Christina, Reka, Tesorero (Alex), Lupe, José Carlos, Gemma Pamiés, Duke (Ashley) & Caroline, Kepa & Laura, Sten, Vicky, Kontxi Tola, Brent, Carlos Olmo, Mark (from Canada), Gorka, Laura, Antonio, Nuno, Moster Gitte, Elena Fernández, Hugh, Tehmina, Olga, Josemi, Michelle & Andy, Maja, Karmel, Esteve, Lander & Sarah (os lo currastéis a saco, ¡GRACIAS!), Jordi, Alex Farrés, Anna (Finland) and Tío Fernán.

See you all in Rapa Nui, where we did have the time of our lives!!!

Idoia & Mikel.

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