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Different sized vehicles

On the bus

The Tiber

From inside Castel San't Angelo

Part of the Bvlgari collection

Topping up the water bottles

We took our time getting out the door this morning. While the kids were getting organised, Jenni and I went to the supermarket (take 3) and bought some bits and pieces for dinner and breakfasts. Thought we'd cook paste for dinner before we went out so we'd just have to heat it up when we arrived home. Found the supermarket however the shelves were half empty. Not sure if it was a bad day of the week or if we are used to shops with very full shelves. We bought bus tickets at the newsagent section of the supermarket as we thought we'd save our a legs a bit rather than walk to the train station at the Colosseum. Jenni cooked the pasta sauce and then we set out to catch the bus into the city...the stop is only 100 metres from the unit.

The bus arrived as expected and we were off on our next adventure. The us arrived at Termini and we crossed the road to where a variety of hop on hop off buses leave from. We were directed the the correct area for Greenline and waited. Even though I'd checked with of the tour guys yesterday, I was feeling a bit of trepidation when we boarded the bus and half expected to be told I needed to print our voucher. The green bus turned up, on we jumped to be told it was the wrong green bus. There is another company with green buses. Damn. Have to wait for the correct one to turn up and go through the showing of the voucher on my phone again. Bus arrived, the tour lady took a photo of my voucher and we were off. Phew! Didn't have to get into a bun fight.

We'd decided to go the whole way round before deciding where to alight. The kids and I changed that plan and we decided to have lunch near Piazza Barberini. We walked past the metro and saw that it's closed due to extraordinary maintenance. That explained why our train kept going past it yesterday, nothing to do with the marathon. We found lunch...guess what, pizza all round. It was very nice however Jenni and I ate far too much. The other 3 topped up with gelato further down the road.

Back to the bus stop and off to the river trip. While we were waiting, Jenni and I both saw the front of buses that we thought were green and they turned out to be pink. That gave the kids a laugh. Round we went and alighted at Stop 6 to transfer to the boat. We arrived at the top of the stairs down to the boat dock to find it had yellow tape across the entrance and no people down at the dock. The bus was still at the stop so we ran back to ask what was going on. The bus guide called her company and eventually we were told that because of the rain in the last few days, the river was running too fast so the boat was cancelled. The guide updated our bus and boat tickets so we could use them tomorrow. Meanwhile, the other passengers and the poor bus driver had to wait at least 15 minutes while it was sorted out. Oops.

The kids were keen to visit Castel San't Angelo across the river and possibly take a stroll to the Vatican. We made a deal with the kids to use some of their money to pay for entry into the Castel. They agreed and when we arrived at the ticket desk, we found they didn't have to,pay...kids are free. That worked well for them. I've never visited the Castel before and it was another interesting property, put to many uses over the centuries, like many of the buildings in Rome. We enjoyed exploring, the kids loved the section with the guns and other munitions, and the views from the top we beautiful. Our own way down, we found ourselves going through the Bvlgari Collection....the most amazing jewels in necklaces, brooches, earrings etc and fashions from the 1960. It was very unexpected and I can't imagine how many €s were represented by the collections. Some of the jewels were from the Elizabeth Taylor collection and they had a slide show with her wearing them. Mind blowing. Finally it was time to head for the bus stop...we'd had enough by then so the stroll to the Vatican was out.

We didn't have a long wait for the bus...when a pink bus came along, the kids were stirring Jenni and me saying "here's the green bus". I don't think they are going to let that one go. By this time, we were caught in peak hour traffic so it was a slow trip back to Termini. We'd thought we might stay on the green bus to Colosseum and then walk home however because the traffic was so bad and the walk wasn't too appealing, we decided to catch the 714 so we didn't have to walk so far. We were all feeling pretty weary. We bought our tickets and headed for the bus which wasn't sitting exactly where I thought it should be so there was a bit of trepidation boarding. It also said we were heading for Termini on the front however we were at Termini. We decided it was the right one and jumped aboard. I'd loaded the local public transport app and it was great...it shows your planned journey, where the bus is at any time and how many stops you have before alighting. I'd tried it in the morning to see what time to expect a bus and it gave me an alert to let me know I needed to walk to the bus stop so I was in time to catch it. We alighted at the correct stop, did a small detour to the mini mart for some chips (to go with the beer), Parmesan cheese for the pasta and Joe ordered some grapes.

It was then home, pasta dinner and bed. We are not a very exciting lot, are we?

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