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Just 2 bears at a Café

The Glasswalk at Galeries La Fayette

Xavier's turn to jump the pole

Beautiful sights everywhere. This was just cutting through a park.

Notre Dame

Xavier, in his own street and happy with his watch and hat...



An Invader piece

An Invader piece

The river Seine

Amazing sand creations

Logan couldn't believe his eyes!

A pirates lollie shop

Lanes in Saint Michel

Xav with a massive crepe

LJ with a massive crepe

Kye with a massive crepe


After last nights very late night, we had a late start today. We headed back to Luxembourg Jardins. Unfortunately it started raining, so we went looking for a restaurant for brunch and to escape the rain. Its seems that everyone else had the same idea, as everything was full! We headed back to Galeries La Fayette where we had brunch and then strolled around. From here we headed for a walk along the river Siene. We stopped at a small restaurant in a lane near Saint Chapelle. We all ordered our dinner in French. I am now sitting here typing this and wondering what food will actually be delivered to our table!

Our tour guide in London (Jonnie) told us a lot of information. One point that some of the kids really latched onto was regarding a Frence street artist who is known only as "Invader". Invader creates ceramic tile mosaics of old 8 bit Space Invaders, and places them on walls of buildings. They are apparently very well secured which has prevented people from removing them. Apparently if you map out the locations of them, then this will also make an image of a Space Invader Our kids have been spotting them all over the place around London and Paris, including two of them on Pont Saint Michel.

We wandered the lane's of Saint Michel and enjoyed the awesome atmoshere that included music from piano bars and street performers, along with the amazing fragrances coming from all of the crepe bars, patisserie's and restaurants. We each got a crepe from one of the crepe bars for dessert while walking down the bluestone lanes, under beautiful frence architecture, surrounded by a lot of people going about their business. It was just awesome.

Oh, and yes, we did get what we had expected at dinner.

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