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For my 60th birthday, Dad suggested we do the Murder Mystery Dinner Train. He and Mom had done it some years ago and really liked it. I read the reviews and it got very good ones, so I was game. I have to say, it was a lot more fun then I expected. The actors played a scene on the train, in between dinner courses, and then we had to put the clues together to figure out "who done it". It ended up being the obvious person, which was a bit disappointing, I admit. Maybe I read too much Agatha Christie, but I like my murders with an unexpected twist at the end and not too obvious. The food was really good, much to my surprise. I really didn't expect much, since it's on a train. But Riekin had the prime rib and said it was the best piece of prime rib he's ever had! I had the salmon and it was cooked perfectly, as were the asparagus and the potatoes. It also included potato leek soup as one course and a salad, and then desert. In between the courses, the actors would come into the train car and put on a scene, and then move to a different car. So there was a lot of time to chat, and to eat, and not rushed.

The train doesn't actually go anywhere, it slowly goes north for about two hours, then sits for about 30 minutes or so while we eat the main course, and then travels in reverse much faster to get back to the starting point. They have a deal with the Marriot hotel which is within walking distance actually, and so we stayed overnight there after the dinner.

Now I have to admit, that this is something I think older people enjoy more. You don't have to walk or go anywhere. There were a lot of older folks on the train, and a few younger ones.

Fran flew down on Friday so she could join us on Saturday, and Auntie also went, so there were six of us all together. It was an enjoyable evening, and very different from the usual birthday dinner or party.

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