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Couldn’t resist this dog with his house up high on a platform....

Loved thiswall mural in the upmarket beach resort of Soorts-Hossegor

Now that’s what I call a marina. And there’s lots more than...

Tom loved the soap in the restaurant bathroom ( a new item...

I liked the poster

And this one too

Yet another long beach but again swimming not allowed due to strong...

Our ground floor apartment in Bayonne , with challenges to get in

But great spot for bikes on the patio

And nice inside

Tapas for dinner in the old town

We enjoy the lights as we walk back to our apartment

We cross 2 bridges

Wall mural in Bayonne

Even houses have their own letterbox murals!



- bike paths again the whole way

- Tom had a little fall when he was almost stationary and couldn’t uncleat. Was it the dampness in the air that locked the cleat? No damage done except a small graze on his knee. No blood! Phew.

- Stopped in another surf cafe for morning tea. They made proper coffee and Tom had a flat white. Rarely seen in France. I tried to get a coffee milkshake ( they made chocolate/ strawberry milkshakes) but only an iced coffee was possible, despite the employee being a brutish guy. Oh well)

- Passed many beach holiday places and the towns became more wealthy looking.

- Had a nice lunch at a restaurant in Capbreton

- we continued along the bike path and Tom greeted another cyclist with a jolly ‘bonjour’ as he stood quietly urinating into bushland! Hilarious.

- Got to Bayonne and followed the Adour river for quite a long way into the centre. Our accommodation was close by.

- Had a few challenges getting into the apartment. The code to the key lockbox (in the checkin instructions) wasn’t working and it looked like others had struggled with it too. Then Tom turned the door handle and we found the apartment was open anyway!! Later contacted the owner who gave us a different code and we were able to get the key to lock the apartment. Phew!

- Walked thru a very dodgy part of town (passing the gaol) to go to an organic shop that had some GF food. Muesli. Yay.

- walked back into the centre of the old town to have dinner by the Nive. A 2nd ricer in Bayonne running into the Adour.

Accommodation 108€ for 2 people for 2 nights

AirBnb with a patio for the bikes

Distance Today: 66km Distance Total: 932km


Wet before we set off but no rain during the ride and the temperature was perfect for cycling. Low 20s



Muesli, bananas and yoghurt

Lunch €31 for 2

Squid in a spicy tomato sauce with rice , beer, sparkling water and coffee

Dinner € 27pp

Tapas ( grilled peppers from Padrón , tiny spicy sausages, artichoke and ham, Spanish potato tortilla wedge)

4 wines

2 dame blanches (Tom calls dumb blondes). Chocolate sauce and icecream

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