We settle in to our RV spot at the kids home.

We settle into the RV spot

All settled in with sun shade in place on the main awning

The kids furnish us with baseball tickets, too!

We love a dip in the pool when the days are hot.

Ginger doesn’t mind swimming.

Gingers ready for a swim with her “floatie” in....

Here she goes...

She learns to go to the steps for an “easy out”

Rex and Ginger tussle and tug

Ginger doesn’t take no for an answer, she gives Rex a run...

But much later after a day of games she runs out of...

The 180 mile drive went quickly and we were glad to land at our kids home again safe and sound. We’ll be here until Oct 7th. We have several purposes to be here, house and dog sit for the kids while they go on vacation. Then there is the subject of earning our keep? We joke about it. The kids take such good care of us, what with the RV spot, electricity, water, constant dinners, the pool, and much more. We honestly feel we need to earn our way somehow, even if it is with our menial labor around the property.

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