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The following entry was written by our team leader Joel! We are all very grateful for the time and hard work he has put into organizing such a rewarding trip for our group!

Hello All

This morning we travelled to a small village called bakraganj . It’s about 10 kilometre from the clinic . Our bus was filled with our team members , translators and other clinic staff.

We had to take exit from the main road and travel on unpaved narrow roads to get to the village . We stopped right next to dump of garbage infront of the village . We walked the narrow alley with houses on either sides . Some doors were open and as I looked inside I saw small children playing ,floors made up of mud and beds . Their cattle tied in the next room . I don’t remember looking at a chair or table inside these houses as people sat on floors . I saw a hand pump in the alley which is their only supply of water . I believe the bushes around the village are used as restrooms .

We saw at the end of the alley a school in small congested area with one storey rooms . The students sat on the floor . We gathered few tables and some chairs and started our registration process as the lines started to increase . It was hot and we were already sweating even before we started . The school had 5 to 6 rooms at the back . In one room they were cooking rice and dhal for students lunch .

The back rooms had windows overlooking green fields a better sight compared to the front . In order to reach the back rooms we had to pass a narrow alley good for one person to walk, I wondered how we can manage the crowds coming inside and out using the same alley and also make sure the dogs and some monkeys are not disturbed.

Well after the registration our RNs started taking vital signs. somehow we forgot to include the right number of electronic BP monitors our new RNs performed manual BP checks on so many of them . Interestingly not many had high blood pressure as I can imagine their daily food was minimal .

Many children appeared malnourished compared to western world. Dr Mira from Canada recommended to give Abebdazole ( for worms) for everyone .

A group of volunteers students helped us controlling the crowds making sure the stray dogs are removed from the area and a monkey from stealing the food .

After the vital signs were completed the people were escorted to next room to be examined with providers .

We saw many cases including a 100 year old man . Malaria , skin lesions in children , fungal infection with rash and itching at the groin areas , skin infections and cough were some of the conditions treated .

Our next room pharmacy had medication supplies and the villagers will brought in the written prescriptions to fill their medications .

Mr Shukla a worker in the clinic for last 36 years was just amazing . His tone of voice sounded like a comic and was able to give instructions to patients on medications . I never saw Mr Shukla sit on chair till the end . Our Team members and Pre PA students and others instantly turned to pharmacy techs and were able to fill the medications in a small zip lock like bag . At one point we were not able to keep up with the crowds and we had bring in the medical providers to help fill the medications and instruct the patients .

The local clinic staff quickly realised the hot conditions and supplied us with water bottles . I would have paid $10 for a water bottle if I had to .

The lunch was brought in packets . The rice was tasty served with sauce .

At the end of the day about 3 pm we stopped the registration and by 4 pm We treated close to 360 villagers and somehow cleared the crowds . The volunteer students were all excited to see our team members and were asking to take selfies and group pictures . The children would literally follow us from the school to bus area .

As I was walking the narrow alley to the bus I was thinking how in the world the small babies and others live in this conditions all day and rest of their lives . While I had an AC room to go , the villagers had had their AC moment with brief showers for about 10 min . Many children gathered around the bus waving to our team members until the bus started to move .

Later at dinner we sat and and discussed how to improve on the next day camp . Our PrePA students had first time experience in their lives to watch our MDs and PAs taking history and examining patients . Later , I was told we had a villager with skin rash due to allergy with ibuprofen. The history was not clear but still local doctor admitted him in private hospital for observation . We also had ambulance at the camp incase of any severe cases . The only serious case we had today was a villager with fever of 104 .

I will end here !”

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