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Another visit to Cottonwood Island Park

Tall Cottonwoods

Larry feeding a little bird from his hand

Several of these little ones were flying around us

Now Terry got a chance to had feed them



Very photogenic

A few carvings as we walked along



Small Creek feeding the Fraser River

Old Railroad bridge over the Fraser

Fraser River sand bar

Some romantic person left a message

Larry says this is a Dragon

Beautiful sunsets

The colors stretched to clouds all over the sky.

At dusk, it's had to photograph a bear in the neighborhood

He/She was walking all around this street

All by ourselves, no more caravans

Daisy is curious about the figurines at this Mobile Home

What is this coming our way?

Oh boy, is she big!

The leaves are beginning to change color

It must be fall, look at these colors

We had many of these sunsets, due to the rainy weather.

A camper's Main Coon cat, he was huge and wanted no part...

There were several campground rabbits on our morning walks

A Canadian (UGLY) Slug about 3" long.

Young Buck walking down the middle of our street

There were two of them headed somewhere

We went gambling at the Casino came home with 2 cents.

Crazy paint job on a Rental Camper Van from Vancouver,

Young Norwegian couple camping across Canada in this.

Let's catch up. . .

The time is dragging by as we wait for parts. We lost a week when the manufacturer of the rotors in Indiana let them sit on their Will Call Bench. Why would they think a Canadian company would will call them is beyond us all.

Then they shipped them air freight, or at lease they were supposed to. A week later Western Star received box “1 of 2”, where is “2 of 2”, they ask? Well the customs documentation is all in box #1 and box #2 had none, so it sat at customs until the proper documentation was received, add another week.

We took our motorhome back to Western Star when both rotors were in their hands along with the new brake pads. Several long hours sitting in their waiting room later, we find out that the new pads will not fit because one of the calipers was frozen. They tried and tried, to no avail to make it work. End result was to order new calipers, from Kentucky, another week. Because of the age of our coach, they have to replace both calipers because the manufacturer does not have our model, so they cannot use one new and one old one. Calipers are very expensive, Cha-Ching $$$.

In the meantime, back at camp, caravans are coming and going. A few couples have a two or three day stay here and are befriending us. One couple took us to a nice dinner and we had a lovely evening socializing with them. Another couple from Florida invited us over for dinner in their motorhome for a nice social evening.

We have been sitting outside socializing with another couple, Terry & John from Colorado. We took them over to Cottonwood Island Park to show them the carvings in the cottonwood trees. While taking the nature walk, we came across a woman taking photos of small birds. She had them eating from her hand and offered her peanuts for us to try. Larry and Terry both were successful to have little birds eating from their hands.

Another single woman in the RV Park, Meryl, traveling alone with an old small dog was concerned about her dog’s health so I told her to come over if she needed any help. Well, Meryl knocked on door before 7 a.m. needing help. She only had a small camping van (waiting for some repairs), so I drove her to emergency Animal Hospital. Sad story to report, Jazzie didn’t make it. Later in the day, we invited Meryl over to sit with us and Terry & John for some moral support. It turned out that she had same hearing amplifier as John and helped him with a feature he wasn't using blue tooth with his phone. She was feeling better to be included, and he was happy to learn something new about his hearing device. That’s what campers do, help out when we can.

One evening we went to the Casino with the vouchers the Park Manager had given us to gamble $10 for free. We checked into the Casino with the vouchers and they doubled them. So off we went to work the slots with $20 apiece. It lasted a whole half hour, and we came home with $ 0.02 cents.

We are spending time chatting with caravan people and Mobile Home neighbors. Talking daily with Marge & Faye walking their dogs. We are good friends by now. They tease us about getting a job and applying for citizenship.

We had many rainy days, not heavy just annoying. No TV, so lots of reading and playing games on the computer. And we are both walking the park a few times a day for exercise.

There is a couple of black bears in the neighborhood and I do mean neighborhood. One evening I saw one walking up the street in front of us but it was dusk and the lighting was bad for my camera so he came out fuzzy. A few days later, the same bear was walking between the rows of Mobile Homes and I stood just outside our door and zoomed in on him/her. The neighbors think it is a female and remember her from last year when she was a cub. She has a white V on her chest.

The leaves are beginning to change colors and the nights are getting colder. Hope we get out of here soon.

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