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All roads lead to Prince George, called the Gateway

One of our many gorgeous red sunsets

Interesting fungi in the campground

Neighbors all have bright flowers around their mobile homes

We have tiny squirrels here too.

8/27 Tuesday

I went to Honda dealer to replace Larry's key $180/$136 USD. The Service Writer found lots of other things to do: Rear brakes, Air filter, Brake fluid. I passed, said we will do in it in the US.

Milt & Janie, Gloria & Dave are still here, so we socialized again with them. Larry is getting lots of replies to his email re: USS Pueblo Veteran. He called Yorktown Association to suggest a combined reunion and told Milt about the idea who thought it was a good one.

The next day we have more new friendly neighbors, Dave a retired Army General 20 year (paratrooper/tanks) exposed to Agent Orange. His lovely wife, Kathryn runs all their businesses, AND she drives and maintains their motorhome. My hero. They will be here a couple days awaiting a package to arrive by Fed Ex, so we will have some social time with them.

08/29 Thursday

I went to the store & Western Star to check on the brake rotor shipment. The Manufacturer in Indiana did not ship it, they were holding it for WILL CALL. So now they are air freighting it today, may be here on Tuesday afternoon. I went to tell the RV office, who said another caravan is coming in but we can stay in our spot.

Feeling frustrated, we got in the cleaning mode and cleaned all the A/C vents & kitchen vent and doing Laundry. Kathryn & Dave came over and invited us to dinner out, then Larry gave Dave some electronic books on his Kindle after dinner.

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