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Another welcome sign in town

Cute little squirrel in camp

They are tiny, but not ground squirrels

Going for brake inspection

Sitting in a lovely park reading, waiting for coach

Daisy loved the grass, I loved the bright flowers

Water play area in the park

I'm in a jacket and they think its a warm summer day

Water cannons

Having a great time

Carol & Steve from California, pizza night

8/22 Thursday

Even though we only had 30 amp electric, I did load of laundry early before everyone was running appliances. The electric held okay. Larry called around for someone to do our brake work and found one that wanted us to come over right away for them to look at our coach.

We drove both vehicles so we didn’t just sit in their waiting area and could leave and go to a park to sit for a few hours. The local park reminded me a lot of the lovely park I took Daisy to in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Canadians like to have nice parks for their children. There was great playground equipment and even a water play area that some kids were using.

After lunch we went back to the shop. They are ordering parts for us which were 7 to 10 days to receive, so we went back to campground and paid for one more day, but preferring 50 amp we also reserved ahead to move to Sintich RV Park on Sunday.

8/23 Friday

It rained through the night, and in the morning the Caravan left so the RV park was pretty empty now. We chatted with Steve & Carol on FB Messenger, who said they were coming this way on Saturday, so we planned to meet them for Pizza dinner.

I got an email from the representative at Good Sam that we have been working with regarding our broken mirror incident. (See July 29th) We thought Good Sam was going to handle this for us. He said we should call Buddy's Towing and discuss it. I did and the owner was amiable saying he was waiting for my call. I was glad to hear this and told him to call the service manager at Pacific Power Group in Anchorage, as he has the order ready to place just needing the okay from him. Finally, looks like things are slowly working out.

Saturday Pizza Night with Steve & Carol was fun. Pizza not so great but the camaraderie was. They helped pick up our spirits since we are just sitting and waiting now.

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