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After lunch, Fraser Lake to Prince George

Cleaning up after logger takes the trees

Another small community

Another small farm

Rectangular hay bales stacked REALLY tall

Huge cylinder hay bales stacked

A really large logging company

Cut logs and lumber

Nechako (the name of a local river) Lumber Company

More lumber stacked and ready to go

A farmers' Co-Op of Silos

Geographic Center of British Columbia

They are very proud of their community

Antique farm equipment on display

Historical heritage buildings

First Nation People's Mural

Antique farm equipment

And some very old cars for sale at Dadz Muffler Shop

Traffic Jam with slow equipment hauler at the head

Everyone finally was able to pass, slowly 1 at a time.

Prince George, at last.

Our campground at Blue Cedars RV Park

Aug 21, Part 2

From Fraser Lake (lunch stop) to our destination, Prince George, B.C.

There were still lots of mountain scenery, but now we began to see some ranches and farm land and many fields of hay bales, round and square. Plenty of cattle and a few horses. Each new community that we passed through had beautiful welcome signs enticing you to come visit their town.

The closer we came to Prince George the communities were more European Canadian than First Nation Communities. Here the logging industry is very active, and we passed by several logging companies and lumber yards. And besides the ranches and farms we also saw a large bank of silos of a farming Co-Op much like in the mid-west of the U.S.

Passing through Vanderhoof, priding itself as the Geographic Center of British Columbia, we saw a display of antique farm equipment and historical buildings. Oh, and if you are interested in some old cars, there were some for sale at “Dadz Muffler Shop”.

Then we came upon the traffic jam, a major slowdown caused by a truck hauling some large heavy equipment. There were many RVers following him as well as automobiles. He had no intention of pulling over to let any of us pass. It was a slow process, but eventually everyone - one at a time – was able to pass him.

It was a long day’s drive and as we arrived in Prince George it was sunny and a little windy. We chose Blue Cedars RV Park on the west side of town. It was a nice campground and we arrived in between caravans. The Caravans to Alaska season is winding down, so a caravan can hit the RV parks about every two days staying for their last night or two before heading across the border.

We are staying long enough to have our motorhome's front brakes worked on since this is a fairly large city.

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