Mediterranean Odyssey 2019 travel blog

Windy all night, but when we woke 2 ferries had gone and another was loading.

Then it took off with some difficulty. It seemed awfully close to a rock breakwater as it struggled to get the anchor up. Finally it did and away it went.

Soon another arrived and the captains know their stuff. It did a U turn and backed in. The rear gangway was down and we witnessed the Greek swarm as people disembarked. 15 mins later it was loaded and away again.

We breakfasted in the dining room - plenty of choice but J and C didn’t overdo it you will be pleased to know!

Quite a few Germans and some Americans there. J spied an elderly man with socks and sandals, plus jeans with braces! “That’s what I want to be like when I’m old “he said. C replied “ your already there buster!”

We catch the shuttle to the airport at 11. Relax time now........

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