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Whitehorse to Watson Lake, Yukon

Salmon River Range of Mountains

Alaska Highway crosses the Yukon River several times

Cruising along Marsh Lake

Village of Teslin

Teslin Lake

Tlinket Cultural Center in Teslin

Amusing traffic speed deterrent, fake RCMP car

Teslin River Bridge

Look at this Humpty Hump Highway!

Looks like recent snow

A dusting of recent snow fall

Some Fireweed blossoms and some white seed fluff

Yukon Road Maintenance Camp

Cassiar Mountains are hidden in the cloud layer

I see a Red Cross on the front, maybe Military Medical Helicopter.

Canadian Ice on the windshield - looks like a Maple Leaf

Ice collected by the wipers

Yes, it is snowing now

The trees are covered

The ground is covered

Big patches of snow forming

Limited visibility

Bushes are laden

Limbs are hanging from the weight of the snow

Snow is lighter here, slowing down a bit

Snowing in Watson Lake

Light snow even in town.

Today we drove 270.7 miles in 4.5 hours to Watson Lake Downtown RV Park. We did stop for a lunch break along the highway at 11:45 just before going back into Yukon Territory.

This section of the highway travels back and forth along the border of British Columbia, crossing many times. We also crossed the Yukon River that measures nearly 2,000 miles and is the fourth longest river in North America. It is the principal river of both Yukon and Alaska, draining 3/4 of Yukon and 1/3 of Alaska emptying into the Bering Sea. It is also the “focal point of Yukon History”. The Hudson Bay Company traders first explored the upper Yukon River in the 1840’s and the Klondike Gold Rush was 1898-1899 all along the Yukon.

We began seeing light dusting of snow on the Cassiar Mountains. We had many altitude changes as high as 3,388’ with fog or low clouds. Through the Rancheria River Valley ice began forming on the windshield from the misty rain and the cold temperatures outside. About then we began to see the trees were being blanketed in snow.

About an hour before Watson Lake the snow level was down to 2,500’. We traveled through about 45 minutes of falling snow, now down to 2,000’. It stopped snowing after Upper Liard (close to Watson Lake) but there was thick snow on the ground at 2,100’.

When we stopped at the fuel station just before the RV park, it was snowing while we were fueling but it was melting on the ground. The RV Park manager said it is snowing hard east of here, and it may snow through the night so we might have to stay here tomorrow. I called our next stop, Mountain Shadows, who said they also had heavy snows, road closures and had tree limbs on their driveway coming down from the weight of the wet snow. We will call them in the morning to check their status and that of the road conditions.

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