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View from our balcony before leaving

The apartment had plenty of space

Tom finishes the arduous climb up to Pujols

Pujols is a walled medieval village

I loved this sign in a Pujols shop window (good things, beautiful...

The walls around Pujols

Stopped at a bar in Castelmoron (interesting name) to have a rest...

Stopped outside this church and ate a banana for energy before continuing

Saw many of these pigeon houses

Saw several houses of this style in the old town area of...

Last view of the Lot river

External view of our apartment for the night But it turned out...


- started ride with a steep climb to Pujols, a very cute walled medieval village (high up). Impressed other tourists with out clim and they congratulated us on our endurance ( with the paniers!

- Main crops today were Fruit trees and corn. Tom has decided France survives on corn there is so much growing!

- Finally saw plums being harvested. A machine grabbed the trunk and shook the bejesus out of each tree, which was too much for the poor plums who then let go and fell into a huge apron spread out beneath. The apron folded and tipped the plums into a container behind the tractor.

- We left the Lot valley at Clairac. Just before the river emptied into the Garonne. Clairac seemed to be yet another interesting medieval town, only views as we cycled through.

- The climb out of the Lot valley into the Garonne was not at all arduous, which is what we had anticipated


Not as interesting as yesterday

Lots of cycling around Tonneins

Helpful cook at restaurant tried to help finding accomm for tomorrow

Accommodation 54€ for 2

Apartment lift for bikes

Looked terrible externally but fine inside and well setup

Helpful other resident assisted with entry and bike logistics

Distance Today: 63km Distance Total: 527km


Very pleasant cycling



Usual breakfast


Usual picnic

Dinner 47€ for 2 people

Galette with tartiflette with salad

Dame blanche


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