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Ian thinking the Rosti is all his....but he must share!!

Trudi’s beautiful plum tart

Day 31. Friday. 13/9/2019. Ipsach, Switzerland

Today is our ‘lazy’ day, and we’re making the most of it. The internet is working well and we’ve managed to post photos, check our email and fb - and play cards! Ian’s not doing too well - but there’s always tomorrow!!!!

Trudi and Marcel have breakfast and dinner, so that’s what we do!

We walked to the local grocery store Migro, which is only 5 minutes away, and I managed to get a stamp and send a postcard to Uncle Jim and Jimmy - we’ll probably be home before it....

Tonight we had Rosti, Ian’s favourite Swiss dish of potato either boiled or uncooked, grated and fried in butter and turned in a flat frying pan. I’m pretty fond of it too! Trudi made her baked plum tart, which is another favourite. She actually let me in the kitchen this afternoon, so I must have passed some sort of test!

It’s been another beautiful, sunny day and quite hot. We haven’t done badly for a week which was supposed to be rain, cloud and low temperature.

We’ll play cards again soon, and I’m hoping for an early night.

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