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J’s 2nd cousin bottom right - not the dog!

2nd bay


We were all woken last night by a power outage. How you might ask? Well, J couldn’t breath when his cpap machine stopped, and being a hotel, the room has an emergency lighting system so as soon as the power went off, a bright light went on. So we were all wide awake and took quite a while to get back to sleep.

About 7:30 , J turned the TV on and scanned the stations eventually finding Antenna - and there was his 2nd cousin Panagiotis as one of the 2 anchors on the morning show.

After breakfast, J rang George and Stella from Carvounades. We met them in 2015 and spent some time with them then. Stella said to come over to the bakery (now owned by their son) at 11:30 for a chat. We were a bit early so we drove out to the cemetery behind Carvounades, searching for Stathis graves - and there were a few there, but J doesn’t know who they are yet, or if they are elated. We then parked in the square and walked to the bakery. S and G were very pleased to see us again. We sat in the corridor adjacent to the bakery with a cool breeze keeping us comfortable. George was meeting with the Priest and the Policeman, so Stella made coffee, and brought out some savoury and sweet pastries. We talked for a couple of hours - constantly interrupted by people greeting George as the entered the shop, or even as they passed in the street. g knows a lot of people! We met their 2 grandsons (the eldest we saw as a baby in 2015)

As we sat talking, Tom Jones belted out “Help yourself” which was a little incongruous!

In the discussion, it came out that G was godson of J’s great uncle Mastroyianni! There are always surprises on this island!

We were not in the good books when we said we were leaving tomorrow! Next time we must ring as soon as we arrive!

We headed off and test drove the road between Keramoto and Carvounades. It was fine and J didn’t even need to fold in the mirrors. We think that this was the road his mothers Aunty Despina walked every day when she took food to the church for Great grandfather Papa Giorgios. It was a narrow little road (now concrete but originally a gravel track of donkey width) winding down through olive groves to a dry creek bed and then up into the village. In one small paddock was an old well with an wrought iron winder.

We drove to Maria’s Sweet shop in Livadi for a drink and a cake - J and C had been planning this all through the visit. So they had an almond and vanilla cake (moist,) and an orange cake ( moist squared!) then back to Kapsali for a rest and to pack. Andreas had been and dropped of another bag of fresh figs!

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