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Kluane Lake to Whitehorse, Yukon

Heavy winds create white caps on Kluane Lake

Barely room for 2 lane road between mountain and lake

Curvy lake shore for the Army to build a highway on

This end of the lake is very shallow and dry

Kluane Lake is surrounded by high mountains

Another view of the white capped lake

Now traveling east after the end of the lake

They had a long, hard altitude climb out of the valley on...

What a shame, clouds hiding the icefields

Why is this guy out in the middle of nowhere?

Oh, he's part of the road crew.

Fall Colors

A Horse Ranch

Welcome to Haines Junction

Haines Junction Memorial to Wildlife

Who is that on top?

He's just looking for wildlife with binoculars

Our Lady of the Way, another Quonset Hut Church.

From the internet, a better photo of Our Lady of the Way

North for a bit then east

More road work

Clouds are beginning to lift

Takini River means Mosquito River

This plane is an actual wind vane by the museum

Mammoth family by the museum

Our RV Park in Whitehorse

Old U.S. Army vehicles decorate the area

Historic Downtown Whitehorse

Birthplace of Robert Service's Poem Characters

Tribute to poet, Robert Service

Sternwheeler Museum

Robert Service

Today we drove to Whitehorse, Yukon traveling 164.9 miles in 3.25 hours.

It was cloudy with strong winds from Destruction Bay. At first the wind was to our back for a while until the road turned then it was to our side. The mountain ranges are very cloud covered, not much of a scenic view of the mountain tops that normally are glacial.

At Haines Junction we cut off to take Canadian Highway 1 to Whitehorse, Yukon. The Village of Haines Junction has a Memorial to Wildlife in the center of town as we turn north. Besides animals, there is a guy with binoculars on top looking for the animals.

And as usual, there is more road work. It must have been a rough winter to have come across so much road construction this summer. One of the rivers we crossed is Takhini River. According to Yukon: Places and Names, the name Takhini derives from the Tagish Indian word TAHK, meaning mosquito, and HEENA meaning river. So glad we are inside our vehicle.

We arrived at Hi-Country RV Park in Whitehorse, a nice campground but again weak 30 amp. We went into town for lunch at Subway then to WalMart for provisions. The old downtown is quaint but colorful and modernized. There was a memorial to the poet Robert Service on the main intersection with a bust of Robert, and a large desk & chair representing his writings.

We were going to try to find somewhere in Whitehorse to work on our motorhome’s front brakes, as they were beginning to pull to one side, but this is Saturday of a long Canadian holiday weekend so we will travel on.

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