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Russian Orthodox Church


Castle Hill


The Pioneer Home (old folks home)

Cptn JuJu's - good food!

What else here? A Sitka Deer!

Nice dinner at home

Followed by a nice sunset!

Good beer!


Ashmo's - at the brewery tonight!

Ntl Park - 2nd location, Bishops House

Russian Bishop's House before restoration

Now! Serious time and $ by NPS


Off to Fin Island


On return

Russian dancers


Native dancers



Great ocean raft trip


Sea lions

Harbor seals

Whale there somewhere!


The island is a volcanic plug, sides eroded away leaving the lava

Sitka National Park Historical Site - Cuotural museum and Totem Park

National Park - Vistors Center and Totem Park


Russian dumplings

Harbor Mtn Rd


Sheldon Jackson Museum - EXCELLENT! Best Native collection in the state

Thurs – Sun, lets throw it all together (not all in the order in which we did them)!

We had great weather while in Sitka, for which we are very thankful. We took in the visitor’s center – lots of good info there. We walked around town several times and visited: St. Michael’s Cathedral (the Russian Orthodox Church); Castle Hill (site of the Baranov Castle and transfer of Alaska to US in 1867); viewed the Pioneer Home and Totem Square, patronized the Baranof Brewery plus Ashmo and Captains JuJu’s food trucks as well as Halibut PT Crab and Chowder, toured the Russian Bishop’s House (very cool), took in the Sitka Historical Museum and the Sheldon Jackson Museum (do not miss this), Russian Pel’meni Café, both the Russian and the Tlingit dance performances, the Old Sitka Historical site (1st battle between Tlingits and Russians), drove to the top of Harbor Mtn Road (don’t miss this either – fantastic views, no RVs or wide rigs), the Sitka National Historical Park and Totem Pole Park (site of the Tlingit fortification and 2nd battle for Sitka in 1804 plus many historical totem poles). On Friday night we went on a dinner cruise with Allen Marine Tours to Fin Island and had a salmon, prime rib and king crab buffet. The cruise and dinner were excellent. Saturday morning we went on an ocean raft adventure with Sitka Alaska Outfitters. We saw sea otters, seals, sea lions and ended up very close to humpback whales. At one point we had 12-15 around us. We didn’t get many good photos because we were shooting mostly video. We circumnavigated St. Lazaria Island, a national wildlife refuge, and had great views of Mt. Edgecumbe, the dormant (hopefully) volcano. Another great trip! And, of course, we visited many retail establishments. I’m feeling a little worn out just typing all of this!

Baranov or Baranof? Depends on where you come from. In Russian, it is Baranov, anglicized to Baranof. Alexander Baranov was the first governor of Russian Alaska. Sitka is the largest city in Alaska – by land mass and now the 9th largest city by population. It is the 10th largest island in the US. We really enjoyed our visit here. Each of the SE Alaska ports is unique and special in its own way. Many people told us that we would really like/love Sitka – we can’t disagree. This definitely one of our favorites!

Monday - errand day and prep to leave.

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