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Day 2 in the lizard saga


Mama sparrow grabbing some bark butter

Feed me, Mama

Baltimore Oriole 1

Baltimore Oriole 2

Another skunk sighting

Same skunk, different day


After waiting all day for word on the remodeling status, we finally got a call back late Thursday afternoon, with assurances that the work would resume in the morning (last Friday). Sure enough, the plumbers were here on time to hook up the vanity sink. The glass guys also came and installed the shower door. Bill finally has a fully functioning bathroom! He had to wait until Saturday to christen the shower (the adhesive had to dry first). The boss told us the crew would be back today, hopefully to finish the job (they just pulled up). The only unknown was whether the electrician could come today to install the exhaust fan (there wasn’t one before). I’ll take some pics when the bathroom is all done. Bill spent part of Saturday and Sunday ‘nesting’ in his bathroom: Setting his stuff in its proper place and getting it ‘just so’.

Here I thought I was a bit of a heroine when I ‘rescued’ the Anole lizard from the hummingbird feeder pole. He kept trying to climb up the pole, only to slide back down again. The very next day, I was looking out the window and there he was again. Why? I watched him climb down the pole, and onto the feeder. My feeder has perches all around it for the birds, and the center has a little reservoir for water. The water keeps the ants away. The giant red wasps we have down here discovered this ‘drinking hole’ months ago, and apparently the lizard has, too. He went head-first into the reservoir, took a long drink, shimmied back up the pole and into the tree.

We saw an ambulance leaving the neighborhood yesterday afternoon without its lights on. We are hoping we didn’t lose another resident/neighbor. We have a new neighbor moving in tomorrow. She’s from the Houston area and has a sister living in this area. She’s moving into the house across from us that I took the “For Sale” photos of a few months ago. Another neighbor had to put her dog down this morning. “Puppet” was one of Mo’s best buddies, and the poor old guy (14) had stopped eating several days ago (he had kidney failure).

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