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It's cloudy and slightly rainy again. We made good time through the locks last night, so we will arrive early.

Bamberg is another UNESCO world heritage site, the best preserved in Germany. Many structures have a Baroque facade on the lower levels (tax advantage) and half-timbering above.

Bamberg Cathedral was originally built in 1002-1012 but burned; the second of two re-buildings was in 1237, resulting in both Romanesque and Gothic features. Pope Clement II is encrypted there, as are Henry II and his wife Kunigunde, who surprising for the times, had the power to rule and make policy (both have been canonized).

There is a new synagogue; the most recent was destoyed Kristallnacht 1938. The rabbi was said to have been the first death of the Holocaust....New buildings are required to have very "modern" style, so they are easily distinguished from heritage sites.

We visited Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier (est. 1405) and tried the smoked beer. It is dark, heavy, and yes, smoky.

Interesting side note: drinking outside is perfectly all right. You are given a token to redeem for each item of glassware; the beer glass was two Euro.

We'll soon be on the Rhein/Main/Donau canal, followed by die Donau, or Danube.

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