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Watched an eagle bathe - funny!

Great grey owl

Dog (chum) salmon spawning among humpies

So, we have been busy (no kidding!!) and have had intermittent Internet. Looks like it will be installments.


Checked out more of town today plus we went to the Fortress of the Bears – a bear rescue facility. They have four adult brown bears and two cubs plus 3 black bears. They provide lots of info about each species including habitat, diet, etc., etc. Very interesting, especially watching the cubs as they are learning to fish. Then we went to the Alaska Raptor Center which has a number of bald eagles, a golden eagle and a number of owls (including a Great Grey Owl), falcons, etc. Also very interesting, it is much like the Haines center but larger, more birds and they focus on birds of prey only. We were lucky to see them allow two eagles to bathe in the Indian River next to the facility which was also full of spawning salmon. The locally-owned SeaMart grocery store is VERY good. We enjoyed a nice grilled steak at home.

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