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Rental Car transfer time

Tom sees if the bikes will fit in

Yay! They are in

Next stop. The buffet terrasse at the train station in Brive-Le-Gaillard

With a view across the road to the station hôtel !

We quit the bar and wait for the train... which is late

Elvis and Max just hang around in the train. An easy day...

Once off the hooks the bikes are keen to get out of...

Fountain in Cahors town square

Tom knocks at the door of our apartmenr

Tiny lane with very old houses around there

Yes the lanes are narrow!

New in the shower mechanism series. Left end of the horizontal bar...

Our favourite restaurant of the bike trip so far

The peach and sheep’s cheese salad entree. Flavoursome Peaches and tomatoes!

The balldriven clock


- An early start and we zoomed the 4.5kms to the car rental place in no time. No traffic at 8am Sat in the centre of the city. Yippee!

- Collected car. Loaded bikes and off we drove to Brive-Le-Gaillard

- Trip was 4.5hrs, mostly on autoroutes (freeways ) including a lunch stop at a reasonable services centre).

- Did the last bit of the trip on the small back roads which were lovely but better on a bike than a car

- Dropped the car off and rode to station to catch train.

- We (Tom) did our good deed for the day and helped an asian tourist find her way to an address in the town (4min walk from station). She had no English and limited French so he walked her there

- Meanwhile I got the train tickets for us and the bikes.

- We then settled into the station buffet and had a drink or two before the train came.

- Cahors is a really lovely town. Lots of character with many tiny narrow lanes impassable to cars.

- Walked around part of old town after dinner and discovered the intriguing ball bearing driven clock ( I’d forgotten about this from last time I was in Cahors )

- Tom discovers a new shower mechanism 𯘄

Accommodation 54€ for 2

- Cahors AirBnb

Great little apartment over 3 levels in a tiny lane in the old town part of Cahors. The owner, Florian, moved out for us! Our Bikes in the kitchen !!!

Distance Today: 0km Distance Total: km


Coolish but getting warmer ! Low 20s



The usual ( before we left the apartment )


Sandwich and salad at the freeway rest stop


Le Bergougnoux restaurant Cahors

WONDERFUL little husband and wife restaurant in a tiny laneway

3 course meal plus wine 59€ for 2

Guinea fowl pâté plus salad (T)

Fresh peach and sheep’s cheese salad(P)

Seafood pot au feu. (T)

Poultry breast with baby yabbie things and veges in a delicious stock sauce (P)

Fresh peach tart (T)

Plate of cheeses(P)

Other expenses

Freeway tolls. €35

Petrol €32

‘Large’ car rental with one way drop off $198

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