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Could that be our apartment? No, it’s a miniature rep of a...

In a traboule (Lyon walkway linking buildings)

Traboules can open into high but tiny courtyards

And cats can watch from above

A fascinating means of transport in front of the Courts

The old hospital

Tom was easy to find in the crowd today. He wore his...

We find a bike shop/ coffee shop

A place after my own heart!

After lots of walking I was ready for a cider

Our local boulangerie

That’s our apartment. On corner of middle floor

Lots of walking today. Tom dozes off whilst listening to the cricket

At Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse

Beautiful cakes

More and more

Savoury filled macarons. Delicious!

All sorts of cured and non cured meats

Off to the museum at the rivers’ Confluence

Rhône on the left and Saône on the right

Lyon’s tourist motto. Only Lyon!

I take the Only

Tom takes the Lyon

Seen at the supermarket whilst getting beer and cider for our evening...

We clean our bikes

Not such a salubrious location.

2 days in Lyon


Thursday 5th

- 2 hour ´free’ walking tour. ( we gave €10 tip per person). The guide was very good

- Saw the old town area including, the cathedral, traboules (covered passageways), silk weaving loom, bouchons ( traditional cafes) and part of the new town area. If in Lyon I recommend this guide

- Tom was delighted with the guide’s recommendation for a coffee shop. He finally got his favourite style of coffee (flat white) and the barista was very nervous once she found out we were Australian. Apparently coffee making pressure was on ... ha ha ( I might add that earlier in the trip he discovered how to ask for what he calls acceptable coffee) ha ha

- Had lunch in a Bouchon. Simple and nice food

- Checked with car rental company that our reserved car for Sat will be big enough to fit 2 bikes and our panniers. Then as it’s a complex road area with LOTS of work and detours, we checked on foot, the route we will take to get to the car hire (4.5km)

- Stopped at a bike shop and purchased a new mirror for Elvis (Tom’s bike), as his dropped off a few days ago

- Very steep walk back to our apartment. ( will be fun/scary riding down on Sat!)

- A drink at the Bull Bar next to our apartment building

- Simple dinner ‘at home’

Fri 6th

- A sleep-in at last!

- Visited the famous gourmet markets (Les Halles de Lyon de Paul Bocuse). Full of famous gourmet shop stands with cheeses, meats, seafood, wines and patisseries. Lots of places to eat

- Visited the confluence of the 2 rivers that pass through the city (Saône and Rhône ). Very interesting new architecture there including an art gallery. We were both tired so only ventured in briefly

- Decided to clean bikes in a rather dodgy lane beside our apartment, before putting them in rental car tomorrow. We were joined by drunk men urinating, dogs defecating and the homeless looking for a place to make home for the night !

- Both full from lunch so only snacks for dinner.

Accommodation €80 for 2

Distance Today: 0km Distance Total: km


Sunny but a cool north wind.



The usual from supermarket both days


Pre lunch snacks of savoury macarons. Gorgonzola and sesame (a taste sensation in my opinion) and fois gras which Tom confirmed was excellent (€2.20 ea)

Thu (€33)

Aubergine caviar ( to share)

Melt in mouth Pork with special sauce and potatoes (Tom)

Roast chicken, potatoes dauphinoises, salad ( Pauline )

Sparkling water

Fri (€44)

Couscous Royal with lots of meat and delicious sauce (Tom)

Baby calamari in a delicious tomato sauce with another potato dauphinoise (Pauline )

Glass of white wine each

Dinner € 10

Bread, cheese, cold meats, wines

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