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Anole stuck on hummingbird hanger

We still haven’t heard from or seen the remodeling crew. I talked with the boss’s wife (who works in the office), and I’ve been waiting over an hour for an update. Our new front windows should be in town sometime next week.

Meanwhile, I was sitting at the dining room table, working on the grocery list for next week. I noticed an anole (green lizard) on the hummingbird feeder hanger. He was trying to climb up the pole, but he kept slipping back down. After several failed attempts, I grabbed the stepstool from the garage and went out to rescue him. I thought about just grabbing him, but he was already stressed by my nearness. I took the whole feeder and held it up against the tree. He was then able to grab on to one of the branches and climb up into the tree. He may just be the same lizard that I see watching me while I am fixing dinner. He’s awfully cute!

I was walking back from playing bunco at the clubhouse Tuesday night, around 8:20 or so. I was using the flashlight on my phone to see. I turned the corner onto our street and approached the driveway when Bill shouted for me to STOP. He and Mo were approaching from the other direction. There, right next to our driveway was a skunk! He quickly scampered into our backyard and out of sight. We saw another one on our evening walk last night. Just as I tried to take a pic of it, he ducked under a fence. Some of the residents here have been setting traps for them and calling animal control to pick them up. One dog has been sprayed this summer, but that was because the owner didn’t have control of the leash and let the dog go after one. I think they just want to be left alone to do their thing, and I’m fine cohabitating here with them. I love all of nature, except for a few creatures, like scorpions. I know Texas has them, but we haven’t seen any (yet).

The Labor Day dinner put on by the homeowners’ association turned out to be hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans and ice cream. No healthy options at all. So, while we ate and enjoyed, Bill’s blood sugar numbers that night were expectedly high. I have been using the new plant-based meat substitute lately. I think the brand is Beyond Meat. It comes in ground, patties, and now sausage. It has the same flavor and texture as real beef, with lots of protein and little fat. Since we are supposed to be reducing our red meat consumption (and I am a carnivore at heart), I am thrilled to have this option. For just the two of us, I’ve been buying the 2 patties. I brown them with veggies, use them in casseroles, and add them to marinara sauce with our Banza chickpea-based penne pasta.

We both spent yesterday painting. Bill has been sanding and prepping his old vanity mirror frame. The old vanity was a dark brown, and the new one is dark gray. He is going to paint the frame a light gray. I painted the area in the master bathroom where the old vanity was (assuming the new vanity will not be exactly the same dimensions. I also did touchups on walls throughout the house that the painters back in April missed.

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