2019 Bear Hunt travel blog

Relaxing Brisbane Airport

QF15 Dreamliner

5 September 2019

Departure day!

Early start, final packing and ready to go by 7am. Looked like we'd be pushing to be ready on time, but we made it!!

Anne, Ian & David arrived to pick us up, good trip to airport, lots of questions re visit to USA and security before we could check in. Security sticker put in back of passports with instructions not to loose it, or we would be deported as terrorists! Thankfully we have all arrived in Los Angeles without that happening.

Very comfy and smooth flight on Qantas Dreamliner, arriving 20 minutes early, but had to sit in plane until 6am when security staff start work. Cabin crew were all great, very attentive, and food was excellent.

Security check in with Alaskan airlines one of the most thorough we have ever had. All shoes off,and a roll of plastic bags in carry on luggage had the bag scanned twice & then searched before we were on our way.

A few hours to rest before our flight to Seattle.

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