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Hiker Stan surprises us!

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A shot from Sitka shore

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Monday 9/2

Moving day! We did all of our necessary chores, hooked up and headed out right at “boot out time” – 11:00. We parked on the street in town and visited several shops, talking with owners and buying a few items. Apparently visitation here in Haines has been down this summer. No one seems to know why. We had lunch at Alpenglow Wood-fired Pizza with George and Lynn. Very good (albeit thin crust) pizza. While we were sitting there a gentleman rushed in, sat down quickly across from me and stared at me. Peculiar I thought! But then I knew why. It was “Hiker Stan” from our “home RV park” in Benson, AZ. Stan is an AK resident. He doesn’t live there any longer but does spend a considerable amount of time in state. He and Jane are great people. They were in Portland, OR and Stan decided to drive to Seward to check his mail – LOL! He has a very adventurous spirit!! It was great to see him. We got in line for the ferry, drove on when directed and we departed around 6:00PM. Dinner and visit with George and Lynn (yup – they were headed to Sitka as well) then we retired to our tiny cabin.


I slept quite well but Ginger said that she did not. It appeared to have rained most of the night. We had breakfast with George and Lynn then said our "see you down the road" as they are headed on to Bellingham. As we approached Sitka, the clouds started to break. We pulled off the ferry around 10:30AM and into the Sitka Sportsman’s Club RV Park. They have an indoor shooting range and a trap/skeet field. Yahoo! We drove around town a bit to get acquainted.

Sitka is a small (around 8,900) but beautiful and vibrant city. It was the largest community in Alaska at one point, the Russian capital and, prior to statehood, the capital of the US territory of Alaska before the capital was moved to Juneau. It was the site of the ceremony to transfer ownership from Russia to the US in 1867. During Russian ownership and occupation, the fur trade flourished. There is still considerable Russian influence to this day. Fishing and seafood processing is one of the major occupations here. It is the 6th largest port relating to seafood value in the US.

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