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Start the ride with a detour to see the lavoir in Gouvoux

Then another much larger,but more traditional lavoir in a nearby village

We loved riding along this part of the route

Suddenly, who should come along but our host from last night, François!!

Time for me to ride thru

Next stop Morestel. A lovely old town for a morning coffee break

We found a peaceful spot in the old town

Weather great. Pretty area

Back on the route, we pass numerous farms of this style

Then for several kms we rode through wetlands with lots of lakes...

But apparently the poor turtles there don’t like the fishing that goes...

Always something to see. This time we followed a covered conveyer belt...

The cement factory stored limestone from the conveyer belt, in these huge...

What’s this ? A hold up on the route whilst the mower...

At our simple hotel at last.

Tom catches me at the window

And I catch him in the hotel garden!𯘊

The latest unique shower mechanism

Limestone cliffs at sunset, facing our hotel (patiently waiting to be turned...

Dinner time! Now that’s an interesting wine bottle 𯘄


- lovely day of cycling with lots of velo routes and tiny back roads through villages

- Lots of water everywhere. Either the Rhône, the Isère, marshlands and lakes

- A short and flat day so plenty of opportunity to explore off the viaRhona route.

- No community bread ovens but several community washing areas (lavoirs).

- Hard to find somewhere for lunch so ended up in a bakery

- On arrival at our accommodation, Tom was delighted to find yet another shower type/mechanism for regulating water pressure and water temperature in a shower. Think we’ve had 4 in 4 days and all new to him.

Accommodation €50 for 2 breakfast not included.

Hotel Monolithe

Distance Today: 53km Distance Total: 261km


Crisp when we started. But warmed up significantly during the day. 25C when finished


Breakfast included in accommodation

Bread, jam, yoghurt, fruit juice

Lunch € 8.80 for 2

Salad, sandwich and 2 soft drinks

Dinner €21.50pp including wine

Domaine des Cèdres ( next to hotel)

Menu du jour.

-Salmon terrine and salad

- veal casserole with baby turnips and peas, tagliatelle for Tom

- lemon mousse with red berries for me, nougat icecream for Tom

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