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At high tide, this path is completely sumberged


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Butter crepes are good for you


View from the city walls

Do you know who first started using butter??

I haven't had time to research, but I've decided over the last few days that the answer to this burning question must be, the French.

I am convinced that I've consumed more butter during our days in France than I have all year. After indulging ourselves with croissants every morning for breakfast while in Paris we moved south to the wind swept sea side town of St. Malo, where we enjoyed Kouign-amann (butter cake), Caramels made with Brittany salted butter and Galettes. The Galette looks just like a crepe except that it is made of buckwheat flour and then, as expected, cooked in sea-salted Brittany butter and filled with all sorts of savory things ranging from cheese and ham to mushrooms, spinach and eggs... they are, of course, absolutely delicious!!!!

St. Malo look like a Monet painting come to life. A walled city, it towers over a lovely beach and is surrounded by small islands. The unique thing about this region is that the tide recedes to such a degree during the day that the ocean floor is exposed and you can walk to the surrounding islands. About 6 hours later the ocean returns to it's previous levels blocking passage to the islands until the next change of tides. Truly spectacular!

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