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Out of the wind, in the shade of our coach, "Spotting"

What Larry is looking at.

He can see much closer than my camera


Larry enjoying his Spotter Scope

My camera to the eyepiece of the scope

Godwin Glacier 2,776' and 6 miles long

Mt. Eva 4,439', small one in the center of the photo

Mt. Alice 5,265'

Godwin Glacier

Daisy enjoys being outside people watching




Glacier Express tour boat


Afternoon Jellies along the shore

They are bigger than my hand with fingers spread

Coast Guard ship in the harbor

Tug is going out to help the Cruise Ship leave

Cruise sip leaving Resurrection Bay

Afternoon Otters floating nearby

I think he's eating something


Fishermen coming in

Looks like a private pleasure boat

Glacier Express tour boat

Kenai Fjords tour boat

Miller's Landing water taxi

Gulls flying low over the shore, looking for eats

I love all the bright colors they have around town

City Campground entrance

When we got back from our drive, Larry spotted someone pulling out of the front row right in front of us. Quick like a bunny, we readied the coach and he pulled across the parking lot to the front site without even putting the slides in.

It is very warm today and the breeze is still pretty strong, but at least now we are not in the direct path of the wind. And we create our own shade in front of our coach, overlooking the water and the glacial mountains across Resurrection Bay. We had a pleasant day after all.

Larry pull out his spotter scope and was enjoying watching boaters and looking across at the cruise ship and the glaciers. I even tried to take a photo with my Nikon through the eyepiece of the spotter scope of a glacier.

There is a walkway along the water right in front of our site, so it was nice chatting with pedestrians as they meandered along the path. Daisy enjoys people watching also.

There were many fishing boats going in and out of the harbor, and in the late afternoon all the Glacier viewing tour boats returned. Late in the day, we watched the tug go out and around to the cruise ship to help her leave for the night.

We did get to see a couple of otters floating on the water. It looked like they were eating but it was difficult to get a good photo because the boat wakes were moving them around too much to focus on them. There were also a lot of jelly fish floating along the water’s edge. Some children were running along the shore trying to catch them in little nets. I think the sea gulls were eyeballing them also.

Again, the hard winds picked up in the evening, so in went the bedroom slide for the night.

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