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Seward on Resurrection Bay

Seward in in a Fjord

Founding of Seward

Seward to Nome Gold Trail

Mile Zero of the Iditarod Races

Iditarod Sled

Musher George Wiley

Ocean & glacier water are different colors

Waterfall along our drive

Evacuation Route sign

View from Lowell Point

Another view from Lowell Point

Private home near Miller's Landing

Miller's Landing Restaurant

Miller's Landing had a very small campground

Seward from Lowell Point



Low tide exposes the goodies for seagulls

One of several streams feeding the bay

Typical rural Alaska home

Many murals around Seward










These iridescent purple tiles appeared many colors

The tiles were beautiful

Some of the carvings around town

One of the many small waterfalls on the surrounding mountains

Beautiful large Bed & Breakfast house just behind the campground

1964 Alaska earthquake & tsunami

It took down railroad trestles, docks and buildings all along the bay

Skeletons from 1964 showing along low tide

Remnants of the past

Ghosts from the past


It was not as quite as bad this morning, but still windy. We went for a drive around the area to see downtown and to drive further out along the bay to see what was there.

There was another small community of Millers Landing on Lowell Point. Some small homes, some B&B’s, some rental cabins and a small hotel. Lots of boating enterprises for fishing and sight-seeing.

There were plenty of interpretive signs along the waterfront to read about the history and geology of the area. The 1964 Alaska earthquake did a lot of damage to train trestles, shipping docks and businesses along Resurrection Bay. There was evidence of the pilings and foundations all along the shoreline, like skeletons standing to remind us of the busy industry that was once there.

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