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Polar Bear

Christopher the Beef Eater

Christopher the Beef Eater

Pic with the guards

Xavier enjoying himself.

Raven on Taneisha

Our lunch guest


Wire Monkey

Other animals

Guards marching pady

Wire Elephant

Tower bridge up.

Logan being executed

Taneisha and Keziah watching a video in the white tower

Spiral staircase

Sharlene and Xavier at dinner

The Pub


Mucking around

Uncle Jonna and Keziah

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Keziah is living getting in as many pics as she can

Logans new watch.

Today is Fathers Day in Australia, so we started with the kids making breakfast for Phil & Jonathan.

We visited The Tower of London. We started here by looking at The Crown Jewels as there was no queue (which apparently is very uncommon). The display is extremely impressive. The age of some items is mind boggling. We went on one of the Beef Eaters tours. Beef Eaters are the guards who look after the Tower of London, and the Queens Jewels. Our Beef Eater was Christopher who is the Raven Master. Legend says that the Kingdom of England will fall if less than six ravens live in the Tower. According to King Charles II, if the birds leave, then the White Tower will crumble and the country will be in chaos. While we had lunch, one of the Raven's joined us, it jumped onto Taneisha's leg (which have her a fright) then it stole bacon from Sharlene's baguette and scratched her hand in the process. The raven also totally freaked out Keziah by following her around. Christopher had some great info and was very entertaining.

Exotic animals used to be kept in the Tower of London these included monkeys, a polar bear, lions, tigers, cheetahs, alligators and an elephant. The elephant was fed bread and wine. It didn't survive long! There are animals made from tightly wound chicken wire dotted all around the Tower of London as a tribute to this part of its history. Logan was very excited to buy himself a new watch!

We went for dinner at a London Pub for a roast dinner complete with Yorkshire pudding. It was beautiful.

After dinner we went for a walk across Tower Bridge and along the Thames and enjoyed the lights of London by night.

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