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Near the repair facility, their industrial neighbor's yard

They must be Guard Turkeys

Also some Guard Geese

Settled into our hotel for at least 4 days

Whimsical wooden bear bench out front

Docks next door and a neighbor's float plane

Lovely view of the lake and mountains

Larry trying to chill from our ordeal

We sat there most afternoons and evenings

One of several float planes on Lake Lucille

Glacial mountains in the distance over Lake Lucille

Daisy is enjoying our hotel bed

Tuesday 07/30

We spent all day at Pacific Power Group in their nice customer lounge, and the employees were going out of their way to make us feel comfortable. We had TV, a place to plug in my laptop, free soda or coffee or tea. They kept popping in to see if we needed anything.

I went out for a walk down the industrial street to find some grass for Daisy. At the end of the street there was some lush green grass along the parkway of a company with a yard full of Turkeys, and even some Geese. As we walked toward their nice grass, the turkeys gathered together at the fence like a welcoming committee. They followed along on their side of fence the same direction as we walked. The geese however, simply ran away from us.

By early afternoon we began searching for an affordable place to stay close by in Anchorage (very expensive) but found prices farther away toward Palmer & Wasilla were less. Hotels are charging anywhere from $20 to $50 a day just for having a dog, and the rooms are starting at $150, to well over $250 a night. It is summertime in Alaska, their money-making time. Even Motel 6, in a not very good area of Anchorage, was $150 plus a $50 dog fee.

Our service writer came to say it is NOT the transmission but a broken axle (probably the clunk we heard). They will order the axle to be shipped overnight from Ohio. Then they will open the differential to remove the broken pieces and see if the gears were damaged and if so, order them.

We finally found a dog friendly place on a Lake Lucille in Wasilla for $173 including taxes and dog fees. Unfortunately, they only had 4 days available for us. If the differential is not repaired by Friday afternoon, we will have to find another place to stay over the weekend. We will probably need longer if we have to wait for parts.

Best Western Lake Lucille was lovely, on a beautiful lake with a view of the mountains and a large grass area between the hotel and the lake. It was peaceful which helped ease our distress.

Wednesday 07/31

We had a comfortable night’s sleep and went down for the complimentary breakfast, which was plentiful with eggs, sausage, biscuits & gravy, breads & rolls, fruit, cereals, pastries, yogurt and drinks.

We spent our days relaxing, reading, working on my laptop, watching TV and waiting to hear from Pacific Power. They sent the differential to a specialty shop to open and remove metal pieces and check gears and order parts.

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