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Our suite at Royal Chulan

Our kingsize bed at Royal Chulan

Utilising someone's wedding flower display at the hotel

Crowds enjoying National Day entertainment

Petronas Twin Towers nighttime

Petronas Twin Towers daytime

We arrived in Kuala Lumpur (KL) just after 7.00am and were told today is Hari Merdeka, a public holiday as it is their National Day, the day they gained independance from British rule, in 1957.

We caught a taxi into town for 160 ringgit, having no idea whether this was a good price or not. The journey took 50 minutes. Malaysian flags where displayed on the streets and adorned the buildings as we made our way to our hotel the Royal Chulan. On the drive into town we saw palm trees planatations and huge gleeming white apartment blocks around us.

Our driver was quite chatty and told us there is a great deal of construction going on with a new motorway and endless new skyscrapers. The weather was hot and humid and it was still only 9.30am

Once at our hotel we payed extra to get into our room early as we were both very tired. It is a very nice five star hotel with lots of traditional carved wood architecture. We are in a lovely enormous one bedroom suite.

First thing we did was check out the bed, it was king size and very comfy meaning it was definately time for a morning siesta.

Once we woke up mid-afternoon we visited the enormous Pavilion Shopping Mall and then headed for the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and park which (a fifteen minute walk) is opposite the Petronas Twin Towers. The park is a lush oasis amongst the skyscrapers.

It had a large wading pool and jogging track, patterned footpaths and sculptures.

There is also an enormous man-made lake which has light shows of an evening and judging by the crowds gathering, is very popular.

We didn't realise that the Light and Sound shows are on the hour from 8.00pm and the Light only show is on the half hour from 7.30pm. We ended up staying for the 7.30pm Lighth only show. Mind you we were very tired and just wanted to eat something and go to bed.

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