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The Warner Bros. Bus

Outside The Harry Potter Studio

Keziah with her hand in Emma Watson's hand prints

Logan with Nute's costume

Logan, Xavier & Josh at Harry's room

Checking out the dining table in The Great Hall

The Great Hall dinner sets.

Waiting to be served.

Checking out the Hogwarts staff costumes

Professor Snape's costume

Professor Dumbledore's costume

Professor McGonagall's costume

The Great Hall

The moving staircaes set

The Gryffindor boys dorm

The Gryffindor boys dorm

The Mirror of Erised

Harry, Herminone and Ron's costume in the Gryffindor common room

Checking out the invisibility cloak

Professor Dumbledore's staircase.

Checking out the Triwizard Cup

Professor Dumbledore's costume and office set.

Kye at the Potions Classroom

Xavier's test


Logan's test


Keziah's test


Taneisha's test


Checking out the Anglia and the animatronic Whomping Willow

Xavier has grown!

The perspective table from side on

Tom Riddle's grave stone

Visiting the Ministry of Magic

Keziah checking out the Phophecy Orb

Kye, Taneisha and Logan learning about Wand Choreography

Checking out an animatronic Buckbeak

Xavier off to Hogwarts

Logan off to Hogwarts

Keziah off to Hogwarts

Taneisha off to Hogwarts

Kyenan off to Hogwarts

Josh off to Hogwarts

Sharlene off to Hogwarts

Phil off to Hogwarts

Grandma off to Hogwarts

Jonathan off to Hogwarts

The Hogwarts Express

Inside the Hogwarts Express

Xavier and Keziah enjoying a Butter Beer

Jonathan and Grandma enjoying a Butter Beer

Josh enjoying a Butter Beer

Phil enjoying a Butter Beer

The Night Bus

Visiting Privet Drive

On the bridge to Hogsmeade

Checking out one of the Anglia props. This one may have been...

Keziah driving Taneisha on Hagrids Bike

Kyenan driving Logan on Hagrids Bike

Xavier driving Josh on Hagrids Bike

Kye and Keziah with a Gringotts model

Inside Gringotts

Inside the Lestrange family vault

Inside the Lestrange family vault

Inside the Lestrange family vault

At the Hogwarts Castle prop

The Hogward Castle prop

At the Hogwarts Castle prop

Today we visited the Warner Bros. Studio London; The making of Harry Potter. We expected to spend a few hours here, but ended up here for almost 7. The amount of props, sets and information was awesome. We also all got to enjoy a Butter Beer with our lunch.

We visited many sets such as The Great Hall, and The Gryffindor common room and boys dorm, the moving staircases, Hagrid’s Hut, Harry’s cupboard under the stairs and many more. We were also lucky enough to see the new (added 3 months ago) reproduced Gringotts which is using all of the original desks and other props.

We also saw many amazing screen used props such as countless outfits, the Anglia and Hagrid’s bike’s. There was a lot of info on Goblin masks, including videos and information on the making of these masks, and the application to the cast. There were brooms, Quidditch sets, cauldrons and wands. The list goes on and on. It was just incredible.

After leaving the Harry Potter studios, we returned via train to London where then went for dinner at Prezzo in Euston, where the kids got Grandma flossing!

The rail network here is impressive. From the extensive underground network, to the 150+ KPH over ground services, and the National Rail tilt train network. The only quirk we have noticed is how narrow the underground carriages are. There are seats down each side of the carriage facing each other, and then there is only room for one line of people to stand in the middle. This is due to the fact that the tunnels were built small. The underground network was started in 1863!

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