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Just before the sun rises - our farewell from Chobe River

6.30 sunrise

Farewell and happy birthday to our great tour leader John Finch

Early morning departure group

Entering Botswana from Namibia. Footbath to save the spread of Foot and...

Kasane hospital

Kasane Police Station - bigger than hospital....

Felt very proud of our Qantas next to the Swiss Air plane...

Day 16. Thursday. 29/8/19 Kasane to Johannesburg....in air`

Up early for 6.30 breakfast so that we could say goodbye to the 7 who left at 7.30 to go back to Victoria Falls to get a 1.45pm flight to Johannesburg and onward and one couple going to Zambia. We left at 11am to get a 2pm flight from Kasane to J’berg! Normal ritual - stamp out of Namibia- fortunately the boat driver took our passports and ran up the sand dunes, then the shoe cleansing ‘foot and mouth’ dip and stamp into Botswana - also had to open ports and take shoes out to be dipped, then driver took us to Kasane Airport, telling us that the President of Botswana was in town for a meeting. They have elections coming up soon. The airport was small but new. The check-in lady suggested we book our luggage through to Edinburgh. We had planned on booking it to J’burg then on to Edinburgh. Just hope it arrives! After another stamp for exiting Botswana and Customs - very minimal - we sat and saw an army vehicle with soldiers with rifles drawn and an army ambulance racing down the runway followed by a plane. Guessed that was for the President! Finally up, up and away, only 15 mins late. We didn’t have long in J’berg but did manage to make the one purchase I wanted, have a snack and quick hello to a couple of fellow travellers we farewelled this morning. They’re heading home to Aus.

On the plane, only had light dinner as I wasn’t feeling too well, watched a movie then sleep.

***Our boat driver told us that in Namibia, senior citizens never join a queue - they go straight to the front. That’s their right. Sounds good!

Our hosts Peter and Bridget were very friendly and attentive. Have been managers here since Feb.

Quite sad leaving Africa - we have enjoyed it so much and would recommend its as a place to visit. Only real complaint is that everywhere we were, the meals were so big and mostly 4 courses if you chose to have them, which we didn’t. I ended up asking for half serves, which sometimes I got, and other times I didn’t.

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