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Our hotel in Rothenburg

Rothenburg hotel grounds

Rothenburg famous corner

Visit Metzgerei in Rothenburg

Metzgerei in Rothenburg

Rothenburg Christmas bus

Rothenburg Christmas decorations

Rothenburg cafe

Cake break in Rothenburg

Coffee and cake break in Rothenburg

Rothenburg break for cake

Rothenburg ob der Tauber from garden

Rothenburg from garden

Rothenburg garden view

Rothenburg garden view 2

Rothenburg garden view 3

Sign denoting anti-Semitic attack in 1298 in Rothenburg

Rothenburg garden view 4

View below Rothenburg garden wall

View below Rothenburg garden wall 2

Rothenburg from garden

Rothenburg from garden 2

Rothenburg from garden 3

Bridge at Rothenburg wall

Rothenburg moat pond

Trio by Rothenburg Tor (gate)

Good times in Rothenburg

Rothenburg dinner at Gasthof zum Ochsen

Dinner in Rothenburg at zum Ochsen

Marsha #15

We continue to enjoy German breakfasts, and M&M have both said how much they will miss German breads. Having a hearty breakfast allows us to skip lunch (OK, maybe a Konditeri break in mid afternoon), and then eat a big, good meal in the evening.

After breakfast, we set about to enjoy the day set aside for shopping especially. I stayed with the ladies until about noon, and then left them to shopping joys while I want exploring. I walked to the gardens on the far west of Rothenburg where the original castle was. It had been destroyed by an earthquake in 1356, and never rebuilt. I took some photos to show the views (included). I also found a placard that talked about an anti-Semitic campaign that dated to 1296. A local man claimed a desecration of the Christian church, and used that pretense to kill some 450 Jewish women and children in Rothenburg. M&M have asked us a few times why the Jews were so hated, and we've done our best to explain. This placard is one more example of religious intolerance carried to extremes. We'd like to think it could not happen again, but that is wishful thinking.

I headed back to the Hotel Hornburg to cool off (hot and humid here today), and to work on loading photos in a format so that I can post them here. I'm making progress. The ladies came back about 1500, and we all relaxed. Linda had made a reservation at Zum Ochsen for dinner at 1800, and we were there ready to eat. We sat outside to enjoy the evening air, and had very filling meals. I had my first Jaegerschnitzel on this trip; Linda had Cordon Bleu; Marsha had Wienerschnitzel; and Marilyn had a very colorful salad with greens and fruit. We lingered for a couple of hours, just enjoying the pleasure of where we were and what we doing.

When we got back to the hotel, we sat outside in the garden and snacked on some Schneebaellchen pastries. They are a bit like shortbread strips rolled into a snowball, and flavored with things like lemon, chocolate, and cinnamon sugar. They were OK, but nothing spectacular. Back to our rooms to get some sleep in the humid conditions. I checked the weather report earlier, and it only reported 84, but it sure felt like more than that. We are looking forward to the cooler conditions on Orcas Island, but at the expense of leaving Germany.

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