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Orchid garden

Had a good nights sleep - Transit hotel in Terminal 3. We walked from T2 - could have caught the train but thought that after a 7 hr flight we should move a bit. Checked in for a 9 hr stay.

The rooms are nice and dark - the windows are non existent, so we slept well and checked out at 9.

We breakfasted next door at the Transit lounge. A basic selection but adequate. The Portuguese style custard tarts were quite good so J&C had a couple, just to get into practice for Portugal!

Viewed the butterfly house and found some wifi to get our TravelSIM cards activated and working - the wifi wasn’t actually in with the butterflies, but nearby. We dropped some bags in to save us carting them around. The man there was friendly and talked about the cold weather in Hobart, but conceded that 18 (as it was a few days ago) was quite good for winter. He had spent 3 months holiday in Sydney, but found it too slow compared to Singapore!

Still a bit too soon for morning tea so we dozed in some comfy chairs with a view of the apron with planes coming and going. ( I dozed in my bag)

For some adventure we ventured to T3 on the Skytrain via Jewel - a relatively new shopping complex within a huge dome shaped glass clad building in between the terminals. It has an amazing waterfall coming from high up under the dome and falling into a (seemingly) bottomless hole underneath. The train runs right past this. The complex is very green, with tiers of tropical plants and trees. J&C decided not to go into Jewel as it involved going thru immigration and back again.

There was a fantastic orchid garden in T3, with a pond and carp. Little boy grabbing pieces of scoria from the garden to chuck in - much to his granny’s annoyance. He stopped to tell C something (in Mandarin we assume) and didn’t seem too fazed by C’s vague reply in English (along the lines of “oh, really!”)

Lunch was had at the Strait Food market where all the food is ordered on screen from a number of small food shops. J and C had some spring rolls, carrot cake with pork, shrimp dumplings and custard buns.

By the time we all walked almost to T1 and then back again to the Skytrain for the trip back to T3, it was time for a cool drink. C opted for a pineapple and papaya juice which she found not quite sweet enough for her taste. Now for a rest on the napping seats. No photos of this event were taken for obvious “fly-catcher” reasons.

We fly out at 9:40 so we will need to be back in T1 by about 8:15.

Panic! Soon after arriving at T1 and having a coffee, C noticed that the flight board was saying departure from T3. J checked, and sure enough we were back on the train to T3 and were soon onto the plane.

This time an A380 and pretty ordinary seats - one row from the front of the block and perilously close to a family with a bellowing toddler. He settled down and J kept an eye on him as he peered through the gap in the seat ( the toddler was peering, not J)- a bit of fear works wonders!

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