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Judy Tom and I at the Louvre overwhelmed by the beautiful huge...

John Judy and Tom At the Luxembourg gardens

Our picnic lunch of olives cheese baguette and deer sausage

Tom in Napoleons room

Audrey just after seeing Mona Liza

Tom and I in the Louvre

Choosing what to buy at the market for our picnic lunch

On the steps of the Louvre with Tom and Judy and I

2n day coffee at Galleries Lafette

Tom and I at the opera house

Tom and I at the opera

The whole group together

Tom and I at the clock

Robbie Glenda Tom and I lunch at the Museum d Orssey

Our walking tour of Paris Historical center

Tom Museum dOrssey

John and Judy at the first level of the Eiffel Tower

Tom and I on the glass walk on the second levels

Got to have a kiss at the top

Eventually boat ride on the Seine

The Eiffel Tower

Paris street art

The first two day while we were in Paris we managed to buy groceries and train passes for our transportation to and from Disneyland. Second day was a challenge for us as we manoeuvre through the train station during rush hour. I thought Vancouver rush hour. Judy Hnit did an excellent job getting us there and back. The Louvre was magnificent but Mona Lisa was not a big deal for me as you are rushed looking at her and there were a lot of people trying to get a photo of it. Loved the opera spectacular architecture. Our Starbucks coffee at the Galleries was impressive. Note the designer purses did not have any prices listed. A good indication that they were probably out of our price range.

After a walk in the gardens we took the train from Paris back to Disneyland felt like we were fish trying to go up stream. What a wonderful surprise to discover Glenda and Robbie who just arrived made a wonderful dinner for us.

Next day Robbie and Glenda got their train pass and we all headed to Paris to meet up with our tour guide for our walking tour in the Historical section of Paris. I especially loved the street art. After the tour we stopped at a lovely French restaurant for lunch and Tom and I had cerviche and fish cakes. Delicious no to mention the excellent wine.

Next day took the train into Paris to go to the Museum D’Orsay to see this amazing large clock. We all took photos of it than Robbie Glenda Tom and I had pastry wine soup and salad. Delicious.

After lunch we walked to the Effie tower and were fortunate to be able to go all the way to the top. Took some awesome photos than walked accross the bridge to wait for our evening cruise on the Seine. Hah pizza and beer for dinner.

Next day Thursday we took the train to Paris to go to an awesome public market for some fresh cheese baguette and meets. I went with Robbie Tom andJohn to pick up the leased car and Glenda and Judy went to a few more touts attractions. Picking up the car was an adventure in itself as somehow we took a wrong turn an got stuck between two barriers and had to ask for help to get out. Any way made it safe and sound back to our accommodations. Judy and Glenda made it back just in time before the transit strike began. Had an awesome dinner and traded stories of our day.

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