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Keziah at The Underground

Shakespeare Monument

M&M World

Lego Big Ben

Classic Phone Box photo!

One of the many streets that feel like movie sets

We walked!

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square

Looking down The Mall toward Buckingham Palace

Checking out Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

The St.James Park playground. Sharlene was about to get in trouble!

Xav. with a swan in St. James Park

Lunch in St.James Park

Playing in St. James park at lunch.

Big Ben :(

Houses of Parliament

Houses of Parliment.

Taneisha at the Thames

Visiting Kensington Palace

Princess Diana Memorial Sunken Garden

Spending some time at Kensington Gardens.

Logan and Xavier enjoying the Princess Diana Memorial Playground

Xavier enjoying the Princess Diana Memorial Playground

We found an old Double Decker!

Well today we had a huge day of walking around London! We started with a trip on the Underground to Leicester Square. Then we walked! We started off at the Shakespeare monument in Leicester Square, had a look through all 4 levels of M&M world and walked down Regent St admiring the old buildings. It feels like you are walking through a movie set. It feels extremely surreal to be here, and the movie set feeling doesn’t help that feeling at all.

We walked through to The Mall, while walking down here we waved at the Apple Maps car, in 3 different locations! We walked toward and through Admiralty Arch and had a look at Trafalgar Square. From Trafalgar Square we walked back down The Mall to Buckingham Palace. We saw a very basic changing of the guard, unfortunately, there was no ceremony today. Xavier was looking for a guard close enough as he was pretty sure that he could make them laugh. We walked around Buckingham Palace to Royal Mews but there were no horses or carriages that we could see. We made our way down The Birdcage walk which goes through St. James Park. We stopped at one of the playgrounds for the younger kids to have a play in the playground. Sharlene managed to get in trouble from a cranky Pom for putting Logan on a swing. We have no idea why she was cranky, but unfortunately it left Logan upset.

We picked up some Pret A Manger for lunch and ate this relaxing in the shade in St. James Park. We then walked down to Big Ben, but unfortunately there is not much to see due to the massive renovations they are currently undertaking. We then walked around Houses of Parliament, took a brief break overlooking the river Thames, headed back through Westminster School and the Dean's Yard around to Westminster Abbey. The 33-degree day made for a beautiful day, and a good excuse for the kids to get an Ice-cream.

Next we jumped back on the Underground up to High St Kensington and walked down to Kensington Palace. We spent some time looking around Kensington Gardens including the Princes Diana Memorial Sunken Gardens, and letting the younger kids have a play on the Princess Diana Memorial Playground.

All of this was enough for today, so we made our way home on the Underground. All up we walked about 15 km's today. The kids were ready for dinner, and after all of the walking they were campaigning for ice cream for dinner! They did not win…

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