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Linderhof hiking--who knew it was so hilly

Linderhof--almost there--just a short distance

King Ludwig II

Linderhof garden

Linderhof garden 2

Linderhof fancy door

Linderhof statuary

Wood carver in Oberammergau

Dinner place second night in Oberammergau

Oberammergau at sunset

Oberammergau at sunset from hotel

Marsha #14

Marsha #22

Good news. I'm on the verge of finding the way to post photos, but it will have to wait until we get into Rothenburg. I think I understand how; I just need to move a file.

Our main task today was to see King Ludwig II's Schloss Linderhof. It is only about 20 minutes away from where we are staying in Oberammergau. But first, a really nice German breakfast at the Hotel Wittelsbach. By 0920 we were on the way. We pulled into the parking lot, and got ready to do some walking. This castle is spread over a fairly large area, with attractions branching off from the main palace.

We bought our tickets for the palace, and it gave us a specific time for our English-language tour. We took our time walking through the woods, and walked around the castle, partly looking for shade from the heat (about 90 degrees.) We saw lots of restoration underway, and unfortunately, that included the stepped waterfall behind the palace. When we went around front of the palace, we were in time to see the fountain shoot water well into the air for about two minutes. It was really pretty with the background of the gardens beyond.

At 1055--precisely--our tour entered the palace building. Our guide was a youngish German woman who had a sense of humor. In our "English language" group were Spanish speakers, Italians, Czechs, and Russians. The guide had 3-ring binders for those languages, so all could understand her presentation. She gave a very informative tour of the interior of the palace, and the group appreciated her work.

After the palace tour, we set off to see the Moroccan tea room. It was quite a hike uphill to get there, but we all made it with a couple of breaks. We wound up walking along with another group of German/Italian tourists, and had a running conversation with them. The tea house was a bit of a disappointment. Linda said it used to allow tourists to walk into the room to see it clearly, but now there is a small space kept separate from the interior, and you view it through plexiglass.

We made the trek back downhill to the Biergarten and had some refreshments. Then it was off on what Linda called a "Duff special" wander to the west into Austria, and then back into Germany to pass through Garmisch-Partenkirchen. We saw some beautiful country, to include the Plansee, and a brief look at the lower station of the gondola to the top of the Zugspitze, the tallest mountain in Germany. We decided to skip G-P and return to Oberammergau so the ladies could look for carved wooden items. I ran a couple of errands while they shopped.

We met at the hotel about 1800 and decided to eat at the Alte Post Restaurant next door. Marsha and Marilyn are getting more adventurous about what to try, and seem to be having a good experience finding what they like best. Linda and I stuck with a Wiener Schnitzel and fries, but we all opted for some dessert. After enjoying the outside dining and conversation, we headed back to our hotel to get ready for tomorrow. This is the day we see Schloss Neuschwanstein--what many people refer to as the Disney castle. The weather is supposed to be excellent, and we plan to get an early start so we keep our tour appointment. Lots more on this tomorrow.

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